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Indicators of Resilience

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6 | Toolkit for the Indicators of Resilience in Socio-ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS). 1. Semau island, Indonesia . ance, planning and management, and fosters commu- nity ownership of this process. health and education to meet various community needs and aspirations.

how to index false papers and manipulate bibliometric indicators

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experiment undertaken to analyze Google Scholar's capacity to detect citation counting manipulation. For this, six documents were uploaded to an 

The impact of macroeconomic leading indicators for tactical sales forecasting on SKU inventory ...

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case data. II. LITERATURE REVIEW. There are different strategies to handle time series with several levels of aggregation [10]. The most simple approach ignores the The amount of potential indicators p is very large, while the .. Statistics & Data Analysis, Volume 55, Issue 9, 2011, Pages 2579–2

Guidelines on disclosure of indicators of systemic importance

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Article 441 of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 (the 'Regulation') requires G-SIIs to make public the values used for the identification and scoring process in accordance with certain uniform formats and dates specified in the draft ITS. To ensure a transparent identification process and a level playing

Ocular indicators of Alzheimer's: exploring disease in the retina

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logical signs of AD, amyloid β-protein (Aβ) plaques and neurofibrillary tangles (NFT) comprising . as multiple sclerosis, ischemic stroke, and Parkinson's dis- ease, also exhibit retinal abnormalities and imaging in diagnosis and management of Alzheimer dis- ease. J Neurosci Nurs J Am Assoc 

Moving Forward With Complementary Feeding: Indicators and Research Priorities

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Child feeding practices are also age-specific within narrow age ranges, which add to the complexity of It puts forth a framework for the development of indicators of complementary feeding practices and .. subject to a variety of errors due to recall (when measurements are based on interviews).

Trade Capacity Building Evaluation Methodologies and Indicators

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Business Support Services and Institutions Measuring Impacts of Customs Reform Projects . reducing the relative cost of services and programs. as automation systems, computers, and x-ray and gamma-ray machines; and Recruitment of staff, whether through the civil service or other means.

Surveillance Indicators And Their Use In Implementation Of The Marine Strategy Framework Directive

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veillance” indicators. Surveillance indicators monitor key aspects of the ecosystem for which there is: first, insufficient evidence to define the system and provide an attenuated picture of important large- directions in cumulative impact analysis Probst, W. N., Kloppmann, M., and Kraus, G. 20

EUROCISS - Cardiovascular Indicators surveillance set in Europe

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HF = Heart Failure. HFA-DB = Health For All statistical DataBase. HIS = Health Interview Surveys. HMP = Health Monitoring Programme cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and to recommend standardised methods for future data collection bin/OECDBookShop.storefront/EN/product/812002053C1. 54.

Agricultural Biotechnology Research Indicators: China

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Supplementary material part d October 2001 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Indicators: China Jikun Huang Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy

Detection of Volatile Indicators of Illicit Substances by the Olfactory Receptors of Drosophila ...

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Chunyan Liao, Alisha Anderson, Michelle Michie, and Amalia. Berna for assistance Isolation and characterization of an olfactory mutant in Drosophila projections of sensilla located in the sacculus of the antenna of. Drosophila 

Education at a Glance 2017 OECD Indicators Annex 3 Sources, methods and technical notes

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ISCED 5 and 6 (VET institutions) -. National Switzerland: Private expenditure for dual-track VET programmes undertaken by enterprises at the upper Science and Higher. Education. Questionn aires (2 of them). Student Level. Students are presented as many times as they were studying fields of.

Evaluation of Animal-Based Indicators to Be Used in a Welfare Assessment Protocol for Sheep

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The reliability of most of the physical and health measures has been tested in the field and found to be appropriate for use in welfare assessment. through largely animal-based measures is supported by the literature through the use first steps to designing the comprehensive AWIN welfare assess-.

EUROSTAT- Sustainable Development Indicators [Read-Only]

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1 Environment and Sustainable Development 1 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INDICATORS Eurostat E5 ISED Workshop, New York 13-16 Sept 2004

Construction Measures: Key Performance Indicators

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For example: Safety results measures might include Lost-Time constructed product to understand how well their project delivery systems have satisfied the