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Dreyfus Stock Index Fund, Inc. — Service Shares

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Dreyfus Stock Index Fund, Inc. — Service Shares Investment Strategy from investment’s prospectus Portfolio Analysis as of 05-31-13 Advisor Dreyfus Corp.


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A world-wide poll conducted by WIN-Gallup International, a network themselves to be religious: Percent of Population describing itself as RELIGIOUS

Bond Market Index Fund - Boeing

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demonstrates average returns in this sector in the retail mutual fund market. The Category Average % represents the

Index of Sheet Music - LSU Libraries

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Introduction Special Collections’ holdings of music‐related materials is rich in nineteenth‐ and early twentieth‐century American sheet music,

Chemical Tuning Enhances Both Potency Toward Nrf2 and In Vitro Therapeutic Index of ...

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that medicinal chemistry can be used to enhance the specificity of a compound as an inducer of centrations of a compound that provoke a twofold increase in the activity of 100 U/ml penicillin and 100 μg/ml streptomycin. For drug.

InVideo: An Automatic Video Index and Search Engine for Large Video Collections

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implementation makes it possible to conduct elastic search, augmented search, and data analytics and Content-aware Elastic Search. Elastic search makes the inVideo application capable of .. [13] ´A. Serrano-Laguna, J. Torrente, P. Moreno-Ger, and B. Fernández-. Manjón, “Tracing a little for bi

International Food Tables of Glucose Index and Loads

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Glucose Load and Index for Various Foods. Food Number and Item. Glucose. Index. Serving Size. In Grams. Glucose Load. Per serving. 1 BAKERY PRODUCTS. 1.2. Angel food cake. 67. 50. 19. 2. Banana cake, made with sugar. 47±8. 80. 18. 3. Banana cake, made without sugar. 55±10. 80. 16. 4.

Monitoring Crop Leaf Area Index (LAI)

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Monitoring Crop Leaf Area Index (LAI) and. Biomass Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Mehdi Hosseini, Heather McNairn, Andrew Davidson, Laura Dingle-Robertson. *Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 

The Big Mac Index

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porters have been burnt, while those of big importers have sizzled. Meanwhile, the four cities Weighted average ufmember countries. 5Average of 

Index of Articles

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Index of Articles Topic Author Issue Pg. 1 ADA: Liability for Design and Construction Ethics in ICC Arbitrations John Vento Charlotte Gage Spring 2004


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processing, electroplating, and laboratories, metal Tube Fittings - Insert: PE, PPR, PVC, CPVC and nylon. Compression Fittings Hose Clamps PUMPS AND ACCESSORIES

Ultrafast refractive index control of a terahertz graphene metamaterial

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modulation of refractive index up to Dn , 23.4 (at 0.69 THz) is achieved by electrical tuning of the density graphene as well as the strong capacitive response of the metamaterial, both of which enable us to drastically increase the .. stand the nature of ultrafast index modulation, we investigate

Lenses for Philips Lumileds LUXEON LEDs Index

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The logo is a trademark of Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, LLC Khatod Optoelectronic Srl, Milan, Italy, manufactures lenses for LEDs.

Fuel Filtration Index

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Fig. 2. Heavy Duty Trucks Are the Largest User of Diesel Fuel shapes which will choke or plug fuel filters. Alternate Fuels . The U.S. Military uses jet fuel in many areas ences as well filter requires a bypass valve and fuel line.

Read the 2017 AI Index Report

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The number of active venture-backed US private companies developing AI systems. 16. The number of active US . Atari Games. In 2015, a team at Google DeepMind used a reinforcement learning system to learn how to play 49 Atari games. The system was able to achieve human-level performance in