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A Framework for Improving the Performance of Ontology Matching

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Princess Sumaya University for Technology Amman, Jordan Jalal Omer Atoum Princess Sumaya University for Technology Amman, Jordan Abstract

Improving Capacity in the LTE Downlink through Channel Prediction

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any other University. Signature: te: Francis Gichohi Karuga. This thesis has been submitted for examination with our approval as university supervisors. Signature: . 2.12.4 Decision Directed Channel Estimation Table 4.4 Complexity of M-order MIMO fast fading channel prediction algorithms. 88.

The Role of Health Information Technology In Improving Quality and

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267 VOLUME 92 NO. 8 AUGUST 2009 The Role of Health Information Technology In Improving Quality and Safety In RI: Can New Money Solve Old Problems?

Improving Turkish EFL Learners' Writing Accuracy

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Improving Turkish EFL Learners' Writing Accuracy: Effects of. Written Languaging and Languaging Type. Maide Yılmazª*. ªSchool of Foreign Languages, Gazi University, Ankara 06830, Turkey. Abstract. “Languaging” is “the use of language to mediate cognitively demanding/complex activities” (

Media Contacts - Welcome to ABMS: Improving healthcare quality

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-more- Media Contacts: Lindsay Kahn and Kara Carmichael . Public Communications Inc. (312) 558-1770 or . [email protected] and [email protected]


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U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WASHINGTON : For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office Internet: bookstore.gpo.gov Phone: toll free

Improving Quality and Reducing Costs in Health Care: Engaging

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December 2012 Improving Quality and Reducing Costs in Health Care: Engaging Consumers Using Electronic Tools Bipartisan Policy Center Health Information


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spends working on a software development project for one month. Note that this is in nominal terms, which does not take schedule compression or expansion into account.3

Tools for Improving Reliability During Product Development Process

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[1, p. 2]. Firstly defining operating conditions of system is vital part of a reliability, as different materials and systems have different characteristics .. for components, design of experiments (DOE) can be used, also derating analysis 177] Because of this, reliability engineering relies a lot

Improving the immediate management of neutropenic sepsis in the UK

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Correspondence: Tim Littlewood, Consultant Haematologist, Cancer and Haematology Centre, Churchill. Hospital Keywords: neutropenic sepsis · febrile neutropenia · audit · protocol · management. Running . Association for Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) Risk Index (Klaterskey et al,. 2000).

The Formative Tutoring Programme in Preventing University Drop-outs and Improving Students ...

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The Formative Tutoring Programme in. Preventing University Drop-outs and. Improving. Students'. Academic. Performance. The Case Study of the. University of Italian university: case studies were chosen according to their high drop-out and low performance .. understanding a text **. N. Knowing 

Improving Single Use Bioreactor Design and Process Development

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Improved utilization of floor space → Potential to increases capacity of facility. • Lower Risk → Fewer liquid transfers and sterile line connections. • Fewer required vessels → Fewer sizes → More standardized parts & flexibility. • Fewer required single-use components → Simplifies

Improving SSL Handshake Performance via Batching

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namely a speedup of a factor of 2.5. Our starting point is a technique due to Fiat for batching. RSA decryptions. We improve the performance of batch 

Improving PolSAR Land Cover Classification With Radiometric Correction of the Coherency Matrix

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Abstract—The brightness of a SAR image is affected by topog- raphy due to varying projection between ground and image coor- dinates. For polarimetric SAR (PolSAR) imagery being used for purposes of land cover classification, this radiometric variability is shown to affect the outcome of a Wishart

Improving Productivity at Infosys

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Within PRidE, any employee anywhere in the world could productivity improvements of 10 percent per year, a figure the senior management team real-time, face-to-face collaboration and those that did not Applying concepts from BPM to their own projects, Mr. Nagaraj and Mr. Thonse began.