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Deep coverage whole genome sequences and plasma lipoprotein(a)

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Plasma Lp(a) distributions vary significantly among ethnicities but these differences are not explained by . On average, LPA locus genetic variants yielding a 1 SD increase in Lp(a) yield a 0.48 SD increase in .. After quality control filters, 119,401,837 SNPs and 7,207,350 indels were discovered 

Genome-wide association studies of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis suggest candidate ...

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formed targeted linkage studies in a cohort of 53 AIS multi- plex families, and in . a separate GWAS of 137 AIS cases and 2126 controls ascer- tained at Children's .. rotation toward the side of the deviation and exclusion of rel-.

Transcription of the Genome of Adenovirus Type 12

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Maps of Stable Late RNA from Productively Infected Human Cells. KARL-HEINZ specific RNA synthesized latein productive in- fection. Work on the 

Genome-Based Metabolic Mapping and C Flux Analysis Reveal Systematic Properties of an ...

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autotrophic and heterotrophic growth with rapid lipid synthesis, is a promising candidate for biofuel few algal groups capable of using organic carbon for Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (Kanehisa and Goto, 2000) All standards and reagents for LC-MS analysis were purchased from.

Cnidaria: fast, reference-free clustering of raw and assembled genome and transcriptome NGS data

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Abstract. Background: Identification of biological specimens is a requirement for a range of applications. Reference-free methods analyse unprocessed sequencing data without relying on prior knowledge, but generally do not scale to arbitrarily large genomes and arbitrarily large phylogenetic distan

MutationalPatterns: comprehensive genome-wide analysis of mutational processes

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causative mutational processes is therefore important for understanding disease etiology and could be valuable for “signature 30” mutations ​[17]​, for which the underlying molecular mechanism was previously unknown of replication origins from which DNA replication is fired. Replication ti

Recent demography drives changes in linked selection across the maize genome

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4Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, Iowa State Genetic diversity is shaped by the interaction of drift and selection, but the .. [7] Li, J. et al. Joint analysis of demography and selection in population genetics: where do we stand and where could we go? Molecular Ecology 21

Dietary fat quality impacts genome-wide DNA methylation patterns in a cross-sectional study of ...

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shores and 16 sites were significantly correlated with PUFA/SFA; of 9 islands, 26 island shores and 158 sites with MUFA/SFA; and of 10 islands, pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) genes.14. Here we . bz-Scores were calculated using all samples from the Healthy Growth Study as a reference population.

Global Genome Biodiversity Network

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branch of modern biology. GGBN subscribes to the OECD Frascati Manual's definition of basic research as “being experimental or theoretical research undertaken primarily to acquire new knowledge of the underlying foundation of a phenomenon and observable facts, without any particular application 

Donkey genome and insight into the imprinting of fast karyotype evolution

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We report the de novo whole-genome assemblies of the donkey and the Asiatic wild ass. Our results reflect the distinct characteristics of donkeys, . donkey, and together they form a sister group with the horse. Our results show that the donkey separated. Total sequence length. 2,357,920,133 bp.

Genome engineering using the CRISPR-Cas9 system

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cleavage, we further describe a double-nicking strategy using the cas9 nickase mutant with paired guide rnas. this protocol provides experimentally derived guidelines for the selection of target sites, evaluation of cleavage efficiency and analysis of off-target activity. Beginning with target desi

Review The human genome project

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the human genome in each rodent cell line. Nearly all of the radiation-hybrid lines produced by these protocols con-tain manyunrelated segments ofthe hu-mangenome.

The human genome and medicine

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The human genome • Human DNA consists of 3 billion base pairs. • The human genome project aimed at identifying all the genes of the human chromosomes and

Genome Sequencing - NDSU - North Dakota State University

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on the human genome lead to the publication of a working draft sequence in February 2001. Two years later, in April 2003, the finished sequence was announced.

Rescue of the Adeno-Associated Virus Genome from a Plasmid Vector

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Peter Ward,1* Per Elias,2 and R. Michael Linden1,3. Institute for Gene Therapy and Molecular Medicine1 and Department of Microbiology,3 Mount Sinai. School of Medicine, New York, New York, choice for a principle rescue mechanism, since rescue could then occur when productive replication of