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Binders for radioactive waste forms made from pretreated calcined sodium bearing waste

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Although calcination of the pretreated SBW produces a instance metakaolin mixed with NaOH proved to be a superior binder for solidification.

UFFO/Lomonosov: The Payload for the Observation of Early Photons from Gamma Ray Bursts

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Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics, National Taiwan University, 1 Roosevelt. Road National Space Organization, 9 Prosperity 1st Road, Hsinchu Science Park, HsinChu, 30078,. Taiwan. 12 . the solid angle view of 70° × 70° at the speed of a second after receiving the trigger from

Diagnosis of urothelial carcinoma from urine

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Department of Pathology, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Que´bec, L'Hoˆtel-Dieu de . NMP-22 (Matritech, Cambridge, MA, USA) is a .. qualitative assays, the UBC rapid test and the BTA stat . noCyt: a preliminary report.

From Idiom Variants to Open-Slot Idioms

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concerning an open paradigm of variant forms in the entry or the body of the article of open-slot idioms whose phraseographic . taste for writing poetry, so an enthusiasm for architecture is a characteristic that (…) dictionaries of idioms, namely A Dictionary of American Idioms (DAI), the Cambr

Topical Formulation Comprising Fatty Acid Extract from Cod Liver Oil

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Rb3 showed good spreadability and were not as fluid as B1, B2, B3 and not as stiff as C2, C3, O2, O3. The spreading values of these formulations were in the .. Gad, C.S. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Handbook: Production and Processes; John Wiley & Sons: Hoboken, NJ,. USA, 2008; pp. 267–288.


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LINKAGE FROM HIV TESTING TO HIV CARE Standards of Care Table of contents I. Overview 1 II. Description of Models and Services 2 A. Systems Involved in Providing

Modified Tannin Extracted from Black Wattle Tree as Environmental

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The use of modified black wattle tannin as antifouling pigment is reported in this work. Mixture of tannin adsorbed to the marine environment. Keywords: Antifouling; Coatings; Tannin; Black Wattle; Environment-friendly; In the past, several toxicants as arsenic and mercury oxide were added to res

Intraspecific genetic variability of Edwardsiella tarda strains from cultured turbot

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losis, a bacterial disease that represents a serious prob- lem for aquaculture, affecting mainly catfish Ictalurus punctatus, eel Anguila ABSTRACT: Edwardsiella tarda is an enterobacterial fish pathogen that causes mortality in various fish species . Molecular Ruler (50 to 2000 bp ladder, Sigma) a

KSI/Scientific & Technical Information Division Attention: Miss Winnie M. Morgan FROM

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inventor (author) appears at the heading of column No. 1 of the Specification 3,754,976. 1. 2. PEEN PLATING spraying without the metallic powder and then subse- app,ied to effect-mixtures or layers onto the substrate. Field of the .. ing of glass beads, metal shot, and ceramic beads. EXAMPLE I.

Xenoestrogenicity in InVitro Assays Is Not Caused by Displacement of Endogenous Estradiol from ...

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pete for binding places on serum proteins and cause an increase of available and very potent In contrast, Ishihara et al. (2003) stripping procedure, can be displaced by a test compound in the in vitro . In the experiments performed in in vitro culture plates, however 38, 339–345. Arnold, S. F

Target tracking without line of sight using range from radio

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Abstract We propose a framework for utilizing fixed ultra- wideband ranging radio nodes to track a moving target radio node in an environment without guaranteed line of sight or accurate odometry. For the case where the fixed nodes' loca- tions are known, we derive a Bayesian room-level tracking.


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Kinixys lobatsiana: Lobatse Hinged Tortoise: Psammobates oculifer: Serrated Tortoise: Pelomedusa subrufa: Marsh Terrapin: Lizards: Lygodactylus capensis: Common Dwarf

Vegetable Gardening tips from the Garden at the High Plains Food Bank

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Vegetable Gardening tips from the Garden at the 815 S. Ross St, Amarillo, TX 79102 www.hpfb.org . High Plains Food Bank For more information and volunteer

On-Site Total Phosphorus Removal From Wastewater

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Eutrophication is attributed to high phosphorus concentrations in our ecosystem, modifying water and habitat quality. As an industry-academia collaboration program, this thesis assists the development of. Virtual Engineers' (VE) technology of a cost-effective, efficient, and affordable on-site Tota

From Macro to Micro

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One way is to aggregate the results of microsimulation models to a higher level, i.e. from raster cells to zones, or from smaller to larger categories of households or firms. However, this de- feats one of the main motivations for microsimulation, to get a more detailed picture and to overcome aggr