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Developing an Analytical Framework on Social Cohesion in Singapore

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ABSTRACT. Official discourse in Singapore on social cohesion is often framed along the broad parameters of achieving racial and religious harmony. Many policies – formal and informal – and several laws evolved to manage these two aspects of society. Yet, as Singapore developed and with a much 

Recommendations and Decisions for Implementing a Responsible Innovation Framework

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computing, application programming interfaces, distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics. Consumer preferences for financial products and services are also changing rapidly. Emerging innovations give consumers increased access and product options, control over choices, an

Self-Chord: a Bio-Inspired P2P Framework for Self-Organizing Distributed Systems

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nature of Grids make human administrative intervention diffi- cult or even unfeasible and centralized information services are proving unsuitable to scale to hundreds or thousands of nodes. To tackle these issues, the scientific community has proposed to design information services according to the

Radical change to vehicle regulatory framework in Australia

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Radical change to vehicle regulatory framework in Australia R.A. PEARSON, Director, Technical Standards, National Road Transport Commission, Melbourne, Australia

Massachusetts English Language Arts Curriculum Framework

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Education Reform Act requirement that the English Language Arts standards be reviewed and revised periodically, a increasingly challenging assignments that require them to write or speak in response to what they . English language arts curriculum nurtures students' sense of their common ground.

Langlands conjectures in TGD framework

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Peter Woit noticed that Edward Frenkel had given a talk with rather interesting title "What do Fermat’s Last Theorem and Electro-magnetic Duality Have in Common?" [6]?

Framework for Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Prosecution

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waste, and abuse prevention system in federal disaster assistance . detection and monitoring after payments have been made is also critical.

CenturyLink Information Security Framework

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This document provides customers with an overview of the applied The ISO27001:2013 Information Technology - Security Techniques California this also includes seismic bracing) along with mechanical, utility, and.

Framework for reporting environmental information & natural capital

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June 2015 www.cdsb.net/framework. CDSB. Framework. Advancing and aligning disclosure of environmental information in mainstream reports for reporting environmental information & natural capital 

nsta framework for k–12 science education

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Inez Liftig, Editor. Kenneth L. Roberts, Managing Editor Francis Q. Eberle, PhD, Executive Director Science--Study and teaching--Standards--United Chapter 3. Dimension 1: Scientific and Engineering Practices . Dimension 3: Disciplinary Core Ideas: Earth and Space Sciences . Chapter 10.

Comanagement of clams in Brazil: a framework to advance

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Comanagement of clams in Brazil: a framework to advance comparison. Ecology and employment, and income to artisanal fishers in Latin America Rome, Italy. Vizinho, S. C., and M. M. P. Tognella-de-Rosa. 2010. Análise.

A Framework for Assessing and Improving the Resilience

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Hoda Mehrpouyan for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical. Engineering cation of the resilience of complex engineered systems during the early design stages. Specifically, this work focuses I look forward to continuing my collaboration with her after the completion of my. Ph.D. degree.

Building a Research Framework for Social Epidemiology

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Abstract. Individual health is not only individual responsibility, but also depends on the social contexts that condition the individual across the life course. However, while it is of high public health relevance to identi- fy these contextual influences, they still remain poorly understood, and t

A fast framework construction and visualization method for particle-based fluid

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and visualization which parallelizes the fluid algorithm based on the GPU computing framework and designs a direct surface improved particle-based method is provided for real-time fluid surface rendering with the screen-space technology and the In interactive fluid simulation, as one common