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A tr t. Under completely controlled conditions the effect of air humidity (two levels, 50% and 90%) in combination with soil temperature (12 and 22°C) on vegetative development of apple trees (cvs. 'Rode Boskoop' and 'Elstar') in the first season after budding was evaluated. Air was 20°C through

Adenosine formation and release from neonatal-rat heart cells in culture

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Dipyridamole, hexobendine or dilazep (1OMm) increased the amount of adenosine in the cells .. the fifth wash from inhibited cells failed to inhibit.

Volatile organic acids and microbial processes in the Yegua formation, east-central Texas

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Joyanto Routha,*, Ethan L. Grossmana, Glenn A. Ulrichb, Joseph M. Suflitab bInstitute for Energy and the Environment, Department of Botany and Microbiology, 770 Van Vleet Oval, University of in the aquifer (Murphy et al., 1989; Wassenaar et al., .. Atlas, R.M. (Ed.), Petroleum Microbiology.


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The basic principles of Chinese contract law are codified are equaility, freedom to enter into a contract without duress or interference, fairness and

Quenching of the star formation activity in cluster galaxies

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7 CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, Australia Telescope National Facility, PO Box 76, Epping, NSW 1710, Australia. Received: 30 June 2016. Accepted: 2 September 2016. Abstract. We study the star formation quenching mechanism in cluster galaxies by fitting the spectral energy distribution (SED) 

Human Capital Formation, Life Expectancy and the Process of Development

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Omar Licandro and Nicola Pavoni, as well as participants at ASSET 2002, Cyprus, for very the background of the fact that large parts of the world are still under- developed. Croix and Licandro (1999), Boucekkine, de la Croix, and Licandro .. some of their living time to form some human capital.

The Role of Matrix Proteins in Eggshell Formation

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of mineral is deposited in less than 20 hr during the daily production cycle of the chicken egg. Calcium protein electrophoretic profile at each phase of shell mineralization, suggesting specific roles for the . (lithostathine), fish Type II antifreeze proteins and anticoagulant proteins from snak

A Revised Parallel-Sequence Morphological Classification of Galaxies: Structure and Formation of ...

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types puts S0s in a sequence S0a–S0b–S0c that parallels the sequence Sa–Sb–Sc of spiral galaxies. Only the ratio. B/T of bulge to total light and not (e. g.) spiral arm pitch angle defines the position of a galaxy in the classification. The motivation was the observation that many S0s have

racialization and the formation of identity in jhumpa lahiri's interpreter of maladies

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on the effects of Racialization in three of the ten stories from Interpreter of Maladies namely In Jhumpha Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies, the identity formation of the South Asian-. American characters Das's revelation shows that it can also signify disconnection and not belonging, because. Bo

RIEBESELL, ULF. The formation of large marine snow and its sustained residence in surface waters

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During an 18-month investigation, large marine snow floes occurred in the water concentrations. Special thanks go to U. Schilling and the BAH diving team for routinely monitoring marine snow size and abundance around Helgoland Island. I thank P. observed increase in turbidity could thus be.

Formation of Balanced Bilingualism of Professional Translators

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mental images in the mind of a bilingual to-be viewed as the highest level of psychic reflection of reality (Leont'ev,. 1983). Psychic sensual images are naturally figural and they are produced during activity. They are the most important components of human consciousness, which are characterized b

The Early Miocene Cape Melville Formation Fossil Assemblage and the Evolution of Modern ...

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The Early Miocene Cape Melville Formation Fossil Assemblage and the Evolution of. 1. Modern Antarctic Marine Communities. 2. 3. 4. Rowan J. Whittle1, Fernanda Quaglio2, Huw Griffiths1, Katrin Linse1 and J. Alistair Crame1. 5. 1British Antarctic Survey, High Cross, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 

Catalogue Formation 2017

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2 | Catalogue Formation 2017. Conditions générales de vente des formations. 1. Inscription. Contactez Marie Claude AIMO - Service Formation - au 04 78 66 45 52 ou par mail à [email protected] 2. Commande et convention. Eurotherm Automation est enregistré comme 

Le parcours de formation au secondaire

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deux cycles au secondaire (2 ans pour le 1er cycle et 3 ans pour le 2e Dans le cas du deuxième cycle du secondaire, les trois premières années d'études secondaires, l'élève doit suivre une formation commune en mathématique. À partir de la 4e secondaire, l'élève a la possibilité de choi

FTO-mediated formation of N6-hydroxymethyladenosine and N6-formyladenosine in mammalian ...

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isolated messenger RNA from human cells as well as mouse tissues. These previously unknown modifications derived from the prevalent N6-methyladenosine in messenger RNA, formed through oxidative RNA demethylation, may dynamically modulate RNA–protein interactions to affect gene