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Article | Discoveries Genetic mapping reveals an anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway gene ...

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Immense floral trait variation has likely arisen as an adaptation to attract pollinators. Different pollinator syndromes—suites of floral traits that attract specific pollinator functional groups—are repeatedly .. As an initial scan of genetic architecture, we inspected the distribution of trai

Data Analytics for Pharmaceutical Discoveries

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Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research . In the pre-marketing stage, data mining algorithms primarily focus on drug discovery and pre- .. They may consider that the circumstances of a case or its .. amount of research literature and methods addressing the biomedical text mining 

Bottle - Mountain Discoveries Magazine

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Bottles that once contained soda, milk, alcoholic beverages, medicine Some of those bottles are very scarce and command top selling prices. According to

Discoveries at Rancho La Brea and the Debate over Late Pleistocene

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Discoveries at Rancho La Brea and the Debate over Late Pleistocene Extinction Laci M. Gerhart Abstract Since the discovery of the Rancho La Brea tar pits in southern

"Hot Jupiters"—Implications for CoRoT discoveries. Part I

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as they are observed near the Sun рp0:14 AUЮ, whereas at the larger distances Thus, in the present paper we use everywhere a constant angle extent of the ejecta in the sky plane. It can be Luhmann, J.G., 1993. A model of 

The principal navigations, voyages, traffiques and discoveries of the English nation

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letters concerning the voyage of M. lohn Newbery and M. Ralph. Fitch, made by the way of the I^uant Sea to minde hath prepared himselfe for his destinated voyage vnto vs well liked of. For by this meanes .. had escaped with our liues, yet we had had long imprisonment. Alter 14 dayesimprisonment 

Inventions and Discoveries

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products in order to define and clarify the treatment of inventions and discoveries, including University. Research Products Disclosing the details of an invention or discovery may make it impossible to seek patent .. science commons, to provide access to University Research Products for the benef


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of whom was called Big Ben, and then states ‘It would not be at all unlikely that the workmen at Warners named the bell after one of them’.


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4. Discoveries 2014. DISCOVERIES | Space by MeliSSa Schaaf . ward providing answers.” . Dr. Christian Puttlitz, left, pictured here with Ph.D. student Ben Gadomski, is studying sheep .. has developed preliminary com- .. Carmen Sucharov et al. City: Cambridge, Mass development of BEC-.

Article : Discoveries Title: Sex differences in 20-hydroxyecdysone hormone levels control sexual ...

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1999; Emlen, et al. 2005; Vea, et al. 2016), or implicated hormones in the maintenance of sexual dimorphism of adult insects (Fagegaltier, et al. 2014), but no study has conclusively reported different levels of insect hormones as key developmental regulators of sexual traits(Prakash and Monteiro 2


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1. Introduction. How does a design process proceed? Do designers commence with an analysis of important aspects of the given design problem, then occurrences of unexpected discoveries are likely to become the driving-force for the S-invention Cognitive Science Vol 19 No 1 (1995) pp 97-140.

The Bohemian Bookshelf Supporting Serendipitous Discoveries through Visualization

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In particular, we introduce the Bohemian Bookshelf visualization that aims to support serendipitous exploration of digital book collections. The Bohemian Bookshelf consists of five interlinked visualizations, each representing a unique (over)view of the collection. It facilitates serendipitous disc

NEW For 2007 - Mountain Coaster - Mountain Discoveries Magazine

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hybrid of an Alpine Slide and a Roller Coaster boasting a The Mountain Coaster track finishes with more rollers, dips and turns to bring

discoveries 2016

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7. 2016 Distinguished Alumnus, Franklin G. Alvine, MD. 8. New Faculty. 13 .. August 8, 1927 - March 11, 2016 role in introducing to the U.S. the.

core discoveries

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Collaborafion and 2012 Minorifies in Scienfific Ocean Drilling . atmospheric carbon . Rocio Caballero-Gill, a Ph .D . student from Brown work, found evidence for several times when natural spikes We all have our own ideas about the makeup of the scientific .. dynamic yet complicated program .