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cuba facing forward

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export markets; broadening access to advanced technologies and import substitution, particularly food im- ports; enabling foreign financing and 


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tHe MAINE, tHe ROMNEY ANd tHe. tHreAdS OF cONSPirAcY iN cUBA. Paul Ryer. University of California, Riverside, USA. Abstract. What constitutes a conspiracy, and what are the stakes of popular theories of conspiracy? This article addresses these questions through an ethno-historical examination 

Slave Law and Claims-Making in Cuba: The Tannenbaum Debate Revisited

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For more information about JSTOR, please contact [email protected] American Society for Princeton University Program in Latin American Studies (2001), the 2002 Con- ference of the Although dated,. Hubert Aimes, A History of Slavery in Cuba, 1511 to 1868 (New York: Putman's Sons, 1907).

Earn College Credit as You Study Spanish in Havana, Cuba this Summer!

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All students must be enrolled in one of two Spanish courses listed in See BCC's class schedule for course descriptions Round Trip Bus Transfers.

International Perspectives on Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba

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forms of agricultural production: conventional or Green Revolution; organic; The organic agriculture movement was a response to the practices of . era experiments in trade liberalization, and of independent small farmers .. “Epidemic Optic Neuropathy in Cuba--Clinical Characterization and Risk 

Cuba Opens a Door to the World

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regardless of their initial intentions, were or inevitably became tools of. American . Eartha Kitt, and Frank Sinatra, filled in the scene. A resident on the materials on Cuba policy into the White House fax machine, and some . or design—but was instead allowing bureaucratic obstacles to maintai

Alternative Agriculture in Cuba

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borers, and millionaires underwent a violent shift toward a system in return received staple foods, petroleum, and manufactured dard practice (Dlott et al. 1993). as small as possible, empowering individual grow- ers and .. designed by Cuban agricultural engineers. Unlike .. Cuba handbook.

The Impact of the Helms-Burton Legislation on Foreign Investment in Cuba

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ment for foreign companies investing in the Caribbe- an nation. The rationale . telecommunications, construction, real estate, and services.6 Some of 

Epidemiology of Suicide in Cuba, 1987–2014

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OBJECTIVE Characterize the epidemiology of suicide in Cuba from. 1987 to 2014. The highest suicide burden by age was in the group aged 20–59 years (60.5%). By skin color, the highest burden was in those recorded as white, 68.9%. By marital status, the fico Técnica; 2014. p. 40–62. Spanish.

Five Notes on Alternative Thinking in Cuba/Post

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book, Out of the Game / Fuera del juego, Padilla questioned in his poetry Now you can read the novel in English translation—with a preface by Fredrik .. the gross materialism that was accompanied by the expression of cultural 

CUBA - One Week

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Afterwards, stroll the cobblestone streets visiting Plaza de la Catedral, the horse carriages and local population going about their daily business.

Acute Myocardial Infarction Mortality in Cuba, 1999–2008

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[4]. Data for Latin America are sparse. CVDs overall were the first cause of death in Mexico until 1997, with IHD the most System (SIUM, the Spanish acronym),[24,25] a specialized ser- level, SIUM is based in the urgent care polyclinics, a subset of Spencer FA, Montalescot G, Fox KA, Goodman.


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BAHAMAS, CUBA AND MEXICO: HURRICANE WILMA 27 January 2006 The Federation’s mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity.

Directory of Cuba–Related Organizations and Websites

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www.cubarte.cult.cu/eng/global/loader.php? . Advanced Institute of Art (Instituto Superior del Arte). Description: The ISA is Cuba's it awards the Premio Memoria and maintains a collection entitled Palabra Viva. Contact: Víctor 

BIOMAGNETIC HEALING - Infomed, Portal de Salud de Cuba

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• Issues in Magnet Therapy • Magnetism & Electromagnetism The Polar Controversies How It made a significant improvement in the pain and