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Complex Golay sequences

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Discrete Mathematics 252 (2002) 73–89 by a prime p ≡ 3mod4, then their Hall polynomials have a nontrivial factorization h(x)k(x), so that it can be used with complex sequences. Theorem 15. If a; b; c and d are complementary (±1; ±i)-sequences of length n; then.. A. −BRs.

Rent Ranges Note for *** Program available at this complex Harvard

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Sharing a Harvard University Housing apartment is a great way to reduce your housing costs. Harvard affiliates may post and view roommate listings on the HU Housing


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A LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT RUTHENIUM COMPLEX INHIBITORY TO. MITOCHONDRIAL. Ca'+ TRANSPORT tion of the Ca*+ carrier by pure Ruthenium Red. ([(NH& Ru-0-Ru(NH&,-0-Ru. (NH&] 6+Cl& cellulose and various thin-layer silica and alumina gel media as the supporting adsorbant 

Quantifying Semantics using Complex Network Analysis

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Both methods are based on the analysis of co-occurrence networks: a specific . from biology, electrical engineering, natural language and computer science and distribution (Biemann, 2007), Steyvers and Tenenbaum (2005) find the .. fourth conjecture: n-gram models do in fact grasp local syntactic 

Policy Design and Execution in a Complex World

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INTRODUCTION. If life were a seemingly random sequence of unrelated events, it would not be life as we know it, and many of the blessings we now the predictable result of irresponsible monetary and fiscal policies, very .. of short-term costs from the inhibition of trade, production, and entrepre-

A Framework For Analyzing And Mitigating The Vulnerabilities Of Complex Systems Via Attack And ...

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Kenneth S. Edge, BSEE, MSEE. Major, USAF. Richard A. Raines, Advisor. In recent years, attack trees have been developed to describe processes by which malicious users attempt to exploit or break complex systems. Attack trees offer a method of decomposing, visualizing, and determining the cost or 

Optimization of Complex SPARQL Analytical Queries

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applications such as clinical-trial recruiting in Life Sciences that incorporate patient and drug profile data. prop(tp). Property of triple pattern tp props(Stpi) Set of properties in Stpi δ(?v) . quires support to compute and manipulate triplegroups that match composite star patterns and composi

Exploring the limits of community detection strategies in complex networks

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Rodrigo Aldecoa & Ignacio Marın. Instituto de Biomedicina de degraded by randomly rewiring links in such a way that the number of connections among nodes in different communities known, initial community structure, being increasingly difficult to recover that structure as the rewiring pro- gress

Polyion Complex Nanomaterials from Block Polyelectrolyte Micelles and Linear Polyelectrolytes of ...

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Department of Polymer Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry, M.V. LomonosoV Moscow State UniVersity, polymers spontaneously form micelles with a core-shell .. In Encyclopedia of. Polymer Science and Engineering; Mark, H. F., Bikales, N. M., Overberger,. C. G Mattingly, P. G. Bioconjugate Chem.

Polyion Complex Nanomaterials from Block Polyelectrolyte Micelles and Linear Polyelectrolytes of ...

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Department of Polymer Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry, M.V. LomonosoV Moscow State UniVersity, and nonionic hydrophilic polymer shell have found application In Encyclopedia of. Polymer Science and Engineering; Mark, H. F. , Bikales, N. M. , Overberger, . Mattingly, P. G. Bioconjugate Chem.

Febrile illness diagnostics and the malaria-industrial complex

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spect to the diagnosis of infectious diseases in Africa is utterly inadequate [110]. Misdiagnosis of febrile illness persists as an understudied health problem in SSA, while global focus on malaria eradi- cation has bred a malaria-industrial complex that diverts resources from more common sources o

Anterior Stabilisation of Sacroilliac Joint for Complex Pelvic Injuries

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full hip motion and working as a petrol station Figure 3: A. Radiographs showing complex bi-columnar acetabulum fracture with sacroiliac joint diasthesis. This resulted in floating segments of the ileum and grossly unstable pelvis. B. Acetabulum fracture was reduced and the medial segment of the 

Method and System for Visualizing Complex Data via a Multi-Agent Query Engine

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determining a search engine's performance, leading to the ranking of results based on [0013] generating, by a page generator, instructions corre sponding to the . pro?le page. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF EXEMPLARY. EMBODIMENTS. [0045] The detailed description of exemplary embodiments.

Energy profile of nanobody–GFP complex under force

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Keywords: single-molecule force spectroscopy, GFP, nanobody, AFM. Supplementary Measured forces make the Nb–GFP pair a potent reference for investigating . surement cantilever spring constants were calibrated in solution 

Complex interactions of circadian rhythms, eating behaviors, and the gastrointestinal microbiota ...

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Emerging preclinical research suggests that gut microbes experience diurnal rhythms, and the health effects of eating patterns, including time-restricted feeding and meal frequency, may be related to the GI microbiome. Herein, the complex connections among circadian rhythms, eating behaviors, the G