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Revisiting Mandela's Communist Ties1

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recruited Mandela into the Party at the same time J. B Marks was recruited.9 Hilda Bernstein, phlet entitled “Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith,” Engels maintained that communism's aim was . igently studied Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and other socialist and communist wor

Letter from Ellis Island by Four Polish Communist Deportees

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As the result of the Palmerian raids, the authorities are deporting from time children. In that group the following Polish workers are leaving: DARDZ-.

Elites in Post-communist Russia: A Changing of the Guard?

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It can also hinder the incubation of a crucial ingredient of of the current political elite do have signifi cant nomenklatura roots but that, overall, it is not 

The Competition Policy Entrepreneur and Law Reform in Formerly Communist and Socialist ...

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depreciated aircraft bulging with Chinese, Mongolian, and Russian mer- chants and . ines the different functions that competition policy entrepreneurs must had conceived the type of mathematical formulas that the AMC engi-.

Evidence from the Chinese Communist Party

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hometown private sector development on the party membership rates of high ability and parents' political affiliation and dummies for majors etc.10.

Keys to Women's Liberation in Communist China

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men and women were deeply oppressed by the “Three Mountains,” i.e., . The Communist Revolution of 1949 in many respects brought Chinese .. In modern times, women's liberation relies heavily on development of science and technology in agricultural and industrial modernization, freeing women 

Career Mobility and the Communist Political Order

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CAREER MOBILITY AND THE COMMUNIST POLITICAL ORDER*. Andrew G. Walder. Harvard University. All ruling communist parties have allocated career opportunities to the loyal in an effort to promote conformity and discipline within their ranks and among their subjects. Yet little is understood about 

Revisionism and the demise of the USSR - Communist Party of Great

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Historical experience has since fully confirmed the teachings of Marxism. revisionism that came to an inevitable and scandalous collapse,

Freedom and Exchange in Communist Cuba

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Fidel Castro's socialist revolution promised to satisfy Yoani Sánchez is an independent blogger in Cuba, where she writes her blog, Generación Y. tion, faith in religion, or conviction in a politi- .. admitting even the slightest deviation from .. “Caminos de la libertad,” organized by TV A

The Communist Horizon Jodi Dean

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The event horizon surrounds a black hole, a singularity—it’s the boundary beyond which events cannot escape. While the event horizon denotes the curvature

Stalin, Soviet Policy, and the Consolidation of a Communist Bloc

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1 STALIN, SOVIET POLICY, AND THE CONSOLIDATION OF A COMMUNIST BLOC IN EASTERN EUROPE, 1944-1953 Mark Kramer Soviet policy in Eastern Europe during the final year and

or Communist 'Brothers'? The Significance of 'Socialist Solidarity'

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“father-and-son”. (or even “cat-and-mouse”) relationship that previously characterized Sino-Soviet. “cooperation.”16 Although the 1956 uprising against Communist rule in Hungary gave some pause to the CCP's enthusiasm for public de-Stalinization, even that cloud had a substantial silve

Rawick, George P. (1929-1990), Communist/Socialist Literature

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64); Interlingua/Esperanto (f. 65-74) Adolf Hitler the Leader of the New Germany. The Economic of Barbarism: Hitler's New Economic Order in.

Communism and the Tutelage of African Agency: Revisiting Mandela's Communist Ties1

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prejudice his work. In this paper, I will seriously engage with Ellis's evidence and reasoning for his claim that Mandela was a member of the South African Communist Party . these ideological cups without first putting their own additives in. igently studied Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tu

Post-Communist Competition and State Development

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ing, their duties to their public principals (McCubbins, Noll, and Weingast 1987). Principals can . Deliberate vagueness and premeditated lack of en- cumbents, or the award resources according to existing strength are among the examples of winner-take- Mair, Peter, and Van Biezen, Ingrid. 2001