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The Communist Horizon Jodi Dean

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The event horizon surrounds a black hole, a singularity—it’s the boundary beyond which events cannot escape. While the event horizon denotes the curvature

Stalin, Soviet Policy, and the Consolidation of a Communist Bloc

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1 STALIN, SOVIET POLICY, AND THE CONSOLIDATION OF A COMMUNIST BLOC IN EASTERN EUROPE, 1944-1953 Mark Kramer Soviet policy in Eastern Europe during the final year and

or Communist 'Brothers'? The Significance of 'Socialist Solidarity'

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“father-and-son”. (or even “cat-and-mouse”) relationship that previously characterized Sino-Soviet. “cooperation.”16 Although the 1956 uprising against Communist rule in Hungary gave some pause to the CCP's enthusiasm for public de-Stalinization, even that cloud had a substantial silve

Rawick, George P. (1929-1990), Communist/Socialist Literature

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64); Interlingua/Esperanto (f. 65-74) Adolf Hitler the Leader of the New Germany. The Economic of Barbarism: Hitler's New Economic Order in.

Communism and the Tutelage of African Agency: Revisiting Mandela's Communist Ties1

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prejudice his work. In this paper, I will seriously engage with Ellis's evidence and reasoning for his claim that Mandela was a member of the South African Communist Party . these ideological cups without first putting their own additives in. igently studied Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tu

Post-Communist Competition and State Development

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ing, their duties to their public principals (McCubbins, Noll, and Weingast 1987). Principals can . Deliberate vagueness and premeditated lack of en- cumbents, or the award resources according to existing strength are among the examples of winner-take- Mair, Peter, and Van Biezen, Ingrid. 2001 

Communist MP: Willie Gallacher and British Communism

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is hard to imagine even the most enterprising of researchers conjuring up a biography of fists, and was a politician of passion: not for him the cold calculation of a Dutt or even the strategic .. He took a strong line in favour of united front initiatives immediately after the rise of Hitler to p

Failing Family P'olicylin Post-Communist

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End of Communism in Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary and Poland (Reading: Gordon & Breach, l. 2001), with a .. 'women work part-time (Sainsbury 1996:'1'08;~Vleminckx 2002).; Morebver, since daycare is not (% of'total ' 1 impact of ' employment unemployment Y aged 15—64 employment) 

Survival of the Fittest? Cabinet Duration in Post-Communist Europe

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Survival of the Fittest? Cabinet Duration in Post-Communist Europe Zeynep Somer-Topcu University of California-Davis [email protected] Laron K. Williams

Communist Economic Offensive—Soviet Foreign Aid—Means and Effects

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(2) the political and socioeconomic liberation of the country from its domestic of national and colonial questions, and the Program of the Communist 

Manifesto of the Communist Party

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The bourgeoisie, wherever it has got the upper hand, has put an end to all feudal, patriarchal, idyllic relations. egotistical calculation. bourgeois, and from the standpoint of these intermediate classes, should take up the cudgels.

The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online XI (2005)

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2 The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online Executive Editor: Bernhard H. Bayerlein, Center for European Studies, University of

Political economy of post-communist

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week 8: Specifics of European post-Soviet economies. 21. March 4 Russia's economic . Richard Sakwa (2011): The Clash of Regionalisms and Caucasian Conflicts, Osrodek studio wschodnych, http://www.osw.waw.pl/en.

The Rise and Fall of the Communist Party of Indonesia

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in-arms," Indonesia and Communist China have turned into . fall of the PKI in 1965. tion considered to be possessed of divine, magical powers.

communist Europe: Croatia in Comparative Perspective

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Primljeno: 23 November 2008. Europeanization as a Democratising Force in Post- communist Europe: Croatia in Comparative. Perspective . role in the newly democratic polities since they have a natural monopoly over political and state resources Figure 1: 1989 communist party in crisis. No robust