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Murat Shrine Circus

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largest fundraiser, the Murat Shrine Circus. I would like to . Clifford C. Lewis. Managing .. Full service cash bar and food .. Selective Systems, Inc.

Circus Report, July 5, 1982, Vol. 11, No. 27

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William Kay, director; Patricia Kay, treasur- er and talent . Mr. W. H. Wilkie, now decided to spend the . western trick riding on El Capitan. Allen), Himalaya (S. R. Henry and D. Oni- Withrow) chases them off and brings on.

Monty Python's Flying Circus - Just the words

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the wonderful death of the famous English Admiral Nelson. Cut to a A real hand comes into the picture and crosses off a third pig. Thereafter action 

Circus Report, November 28, 1977, Vol. 6, No. 48

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ment with the "phone scandal" in Canada ITEMS: JO ANN JENNIER and ROCKY stayed over .. Bombay, India, for Swami Baba Muktananda.

Murat Shrine Circus

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hospital, shriners Village, and you can also review the history of murat. thanks to the murat Patrol for the free party they had for the nobility last month. this is

Circus Report, Vol. 7, No. 39, September 25, 1978

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trailers, with trucks painted red. The trailers are .. knives and axes; the Aerial Julians, cradle; Duo Galos, high perch Kayes liberty ponies; Stella Fossett, horses; Phyllis. Allan "I had worked as an aerospace design engineer for.

Circus Report, March 7, 1977, Vol. 6, No. 10

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aerial cradle; Dondi, baby elephant; Harriett. Beatty, lions; Felller Louise, on organ and son, Tim, on percussion. Tim also doubles .. KENNETH "Sheik" GWINELL, former RBBB veteran is ill and . months pregnant! "Another time 

Circus Report, March 19, 1979, Vol. 8, No. 13

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An eleven piece band under the direction of Robert Franklin cuts a super musical 2 Exotic Tame Water Buffalo - Young Adults Moon Bounce.

Monty Jython's Scripting Circus

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2007 WebSphere User Group 2 Objectives • Our Holy Grail: To work out some recommended practices for using Jython in WAS scripting • How we're going to get there:


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and the new circus characterized by “Cirque Du Soleil” and other Canadian difference between an ocean and a sea? How many oceans border on Russia?(2) Which ones?

Opening Bello Nock and Moscow Circus Dancers

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ACTS DESCRIPTIONS DreamCast Entertainment and Misha Matorin present a new and exciting show FATA MORAGANA featuring renowned artist and comedic daredevil Bello Nock.

Popcorn and Circus: Gladiator and the Spectacle of Virtue

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music and epic movies—“serious” art, supposedly suited to the spirit of contemplation demanded by this most mournful of Christian holidays.

Are wild animals suited to a travelling circus life?

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data were lacking for some measures, we have reviewed the evidence available from studies of animals in other captive should zoos accept the inevitable?


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encouraged her to audition for Kitchen Circus. A home chef taught by her mother. enchanted diners with his French influenced Northwest cuisine for 25 years with his

Circus Report, September 19, 1977, Vol. 6, No. 38

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man Gorilla; The Aristocrats, trampoline; The. Almiros, juggling; Dan . played a Rhode Island Park, booked in at the last minute by ED .. giovanni s pizza suppose est Thrill Show on Earth" played at the Ohio ing rooms, etc.