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Circus Report, Vol. 7, No. 39, September 25, 1978

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trailers, with trucks painted red. The trailers are .. knives and axes; the Aerial Julians, cradle; Duo Galos, high perch Kayes liberty ponies; Stella Fossett, horses; Phyllis. Allan "I had worked as an aerospace design engineer for.

Circus Report, March 7, 1977, Vol. 6, No. 10

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aerial cradle; Dondi, baby elephant; Harriett. Beatty, lions; Felller Louise, on organ and son, Tim, on percussion. Tim also doubles .. KENNETH "Sheik" GWINELL, former RBBB veteran is ill and . months pregnant! "Another time 

Circus Report, March 19, 1979, Vol. 8, No. 13

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An eleven piece band under the direction of Robert Franklin cuts a super musical 2 Exotic Tame Water Buffalo - Young Adults Moon Bounce.

Monty Jython's Scripting Circus

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2007 WebSphere User Group 2 Objectives • Our Holy Grail: To work out some recommended practices for using Jython in WAS scripting • How we're going to get there:


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and the new circus characterized by “Cirque Du Soleil” and other Canadian difference between an ocean and a sea? How many oceans border on Russia?(2) Which ones?

Opening Bello Nock and Moscow Circus Dancers

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ACTS DESCRIPTIONS DreamCast Entertainment and Misha Matorin present a new and exciting show FATA MORAGANA featuring renowned artist and comedic daredevil Bello Nock.

Popcorn and Circus: Gladiator and the Spectacle of Virtue

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music and epic movies—“serious” art, supposedly suited to the spirit of contemplation demanded by this most mournful of Christian holidays.

Are wild animals suited to a travelling circus life?

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data were lacking for some measures, we have reviewed the evidence available from studies of animals in other captive should zoos accept the inevitable?


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encouraged her to audition for Kitchen Circus. A home chef taught by her mother. enchanted diners with his French influenced Northwest cuisine for 25 years with his

Circus Report, September 19, 1977, Vol. 6, No. 38

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man Gorilla; The Aristocrats, trampoline; The. Almiros, juggling; Dan . played a Rhode Island Park, booked in at the last minute by ED .. giovanni s pizza suppose est Thrill Show on Earth" played at the Ohio ing rooms, etc.

Wire Rope Sling - Simply Circus

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rope sling from service immediately if any of the following conditions are present: 1. raTed CapaCiTy TaG Missing or illegible sling identification tag. 2.

Mechanical Organs of the American Traveling Circus, Menagerie

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including band, fair and street organs, calliopes, and hand-cranked organs of all sizes. Mechanical Organs of the. American Traveling Circus,. Menagerie and Wild West. Fred Dahlinger — 1. • Paul Eakins' Gay 90's Organ. Collection stance took place on the M. L. Clark & Son circus about 1910,.

Nitro Circus - European Tour Director

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• supervise Nitro’s production manager personnel • manage the local promoters in the advance work and subsequent execution of all logistical/production

Circus Report, December 1, 1980, Vol. 9, No. 48

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BILL GOLDEN, on hand in Ft. Worth with . Carmen Hall with baboons, Frank Mogyrosi with tiger and comedy lion, .. voott V t ME LINDA CARTER (Wonder Woman) is tour- ing theatres .. work, with art styles similar to those of Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, Phillipe Castle,.

Smile and Style: An Ethnographic Analysis of ISU's Gamma Phi Circus

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Gamma Phi Circus of Illinois State University is the oldest collegiate circus in the United Founded in 1926 by Clifford “Pop” Horton, a gymnastics.