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Beyond Lithium in the Treatment of Bipolar Illness

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NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 1998–VOL. 19, NO. 3. Beyond Lithium in Bipolar Illness 207. Table 1. bination therapy to bring these more malignant infec- tions under control. A similar sequence of adjuncts and .. Using Li-verap comb. Hoschl et al. 1992. 4 BP-Dep/7 UP. -verap more effective.


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Wireless Advertising Association (WAA). As Chairman of WAA, Mr. DePriest is responsible for leading the definition of standards and guidelines for wireless ad

A Cautionary Tale: Plan Colombia's Lessons for Mexico and Beyond

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lessons, it is mainly a cautionary tale. Mexican criminal organizations had taken over the with U.S. advice and logistical support, allowed.

beyond the mountains, more mountains

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The Canaan area case appears as the most clarifying example of a larger problem emerging in the aftermath of the January 2010 disaster. Taking the description offered by the Independent Available at: http://www.gltn.net/index.php/publications/publications/other-documents/download/3-other-.

course code What is Beyond Budgeting in Ukraine

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Title Thesis, name author(s), course code. What is Beyond Budgeting in Ukraine: number of Beyond Budgeting diffusion studies due to not enough rate of adoption which in turn still doesn't allow to find in material presentations. First of all, catchy titles that attract readers where designed. 0.

Beyond the RTOS

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adapted from the Arduino Blink Tutorial (*) void main() {. pinMode(LED_PIN, OUTPUT); // setup: set the LED pin as output while (1) { // endless loop. digitalWrite(LED_PIN, HIGH); // turn LED on delay(1000); // wait for 1000ms. digitalWrite(LED_PIN, LOW); // turn LED off delay(1000); // wait for 100

Aerobatics: beyond straight & level - RC Plane, RC Helicopter, RC

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with RC aircraft in a realistic manner that is chal- large-scale airplane. IMAC has no minimum air-craft size requirements, and for years, 1.20-size

Beyond the Four Corners of a Written Contract

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beyond the four corners of the written contract.7 U.S. contract law essentially facility required intensive initial capital investment and it would not be 

Managing Wealth Amid Uncertainty and Beyond

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term topics related to how to manage money, how to pass wealth along to the next of in the current economic cycle by the complexities when dealing with . and try not to procrastinate all brokers and IAs to provide financial.

chapter four the world beyond the picture frame

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Type Two: The Priests and Bishops, who tried to mold the testimony of the experience bear a strange resemblance to that of Thiess, in faraway Latvia? .. in the mountains of Northern Italy, the foothills of the Alps. In colloquial.

Getting Beyond Intuition in the Probable Cause Inquiry

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circumstances would add much needed clarity to the law and protect . administered by human beings, but because they are using different legal 297 (“An unavoidable feature of probabilistic thinking is that it treats people as . distinguishing Prouse, the Supreme Court upheld a sobriety checkpoint

Beyond Entry: Examining McDonald's Expansion in International Markets

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University of Michigan literature has provided useful insights regarding where and how firms enter markets with one or a few locations and then expand

Ad hoc networks beyond unit disk graphs

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Ad hoc networks beyond unit disk graphs Fabian Kuhn Æ Roger Wattenhofer Æ Aaron Zollinger Published online: 13 July 2007 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2007

Ad-Hoc Networks Beyond Unit Disk Graphs

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Ad-Hoc Networks Beyond Unit Disk Graphs Fabian Kuhn, Roger Wattenhofer, Aaron Zollinger Department of Computer Science ETH Zurich 8092 Zurich, Switzerland

Vrije Universiteit Brussel Beyond the Ladder of Participation Carpentier, Nico

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In practice, this implies that the concept of participation to decide rests with one party only” (1970, 70), while full participation is seen as “a process Cambridge,. MA: Harvard University Press. Delaney, Tim, and Tim Madigan. 2009. The Sociology of Sports: An Introduction. Jefferson, NC: M