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Analogue modulation of back-propagating action potentials enables dendritic hybrid signalling

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We report that back-propagating action potentials (bAPs) are not simply digital feedback signals in dendrites but also carry analogue information about the overall state of neurons. Analogue information about the somatic membrane potential within a physiological range. (from А78 to А64mV) is reta

Back from the brink: Microsoft and the strategic use of standards

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Back from the brink: Microsoft and the strategic use of standards in the Browser Wars Paul Windrum MERIT University of Maastricht The Netherlands Correspondence

A Nostalgic Look Back, With An Eye Toward the Future

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When we moved to. Stickney in the mid 1950's, we often had a difficult time describing to non-. Stickney residents just exactly where I lived— near Oak Lawn, but not in Oak Lawn. People had a hard time imagining exactly where Stickney was. I discovered that if I said I lived near the Old. Barn Re

Can you discover the answers to the four questions on the back?

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Question: I have special breathing holes behind my eyes e otected Here o! Question: My teeth are in my stomach. ys! Place Sticker Question: I have a large brain and

Does spinal manipulative therapy help people with chronic low back

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Australian Journal of Physiotherapy 2002 Vol. 48 277 Introduction It is believed that roughly 75-90% of patients with acute low back pain recover within six weeks

Hybridity, in recent postcolonial discourse from all language back

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Lionnet and Francoise Verges, who employ the French term métissage while writing in English. tween francophone postcolonial theory and the larger field of English lan— Considering Bhabha, one of the many fine points “The process of postcolonializing . would mean the critical process by.

Front & Back Matter

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22 Novel Blood Biomarkers Are Associated with. White Matter Lesions in Fragile X-Associated Tremor/. Ataxia Syndrome. Loesch, D.Z.; Annesley, S.J.; Trost, N.; Bui, . Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases: Mechanisms, Clinical Strategies, and. Promising Treatments of Neurodegenerative. Diseases.

Welcome Back Party at Earl Reservoir

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Joe Gianzero and Fred Ungerer were busy looking for a .. Michael Queenan stated the Village Board submitted a letter to the PSC .. Learning to play marily as a school for jazz, rock and popular a vocalist and bass guitar musician in Eventually she plans to obtain a Master Degree in Nursing.

Back on The Road To Key West By Michael Reisig

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tropical shirts, and our best Kino sandals, we were engulfed in the heavy, early evening air. I couldn't .. Long, scraggly blond hair spilled out the back . of what you find gets to my daughter, Vanilla Bean, up on Grassy Key. I'm Jack 

The Holocene evolution of the barrier and the back-barrier basins of Belgium and the Netherlands ...

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The coastal plains of Belgium and the Netherlands cupation history of the Province of Zeeland. Mededelingen Rijks Geologische Dienst 59: 5-109.

back USS Higgins

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Chula Vista, CA 91911. (619) 420-2300 Install Genuine Toyota, Hyundai or Subaru oil filter. ‡ Replace . Traveler is allowed to vouch for specific security features to pre- class ~ 5 pm Beginner, 6 pm • Intermediate Head.

From notation to semantics: there and back again

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Claudio Sacerdoti Coen and Stefano Zacchiroli. Efficient ambiguous parsing of mathematical formulae. In Andrzej Trybulec Andrea Asperti, Grzegorz Bancerek,


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SPAMALOT, will return to the fair city of Omaha for three performances Friday, November 4 and Saturday, November 5, 2011 at the Orpheum Theater.

Upper Limb in Comparative Context Anatomy of the Upper Limb: Back

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• Muscles attaching upper limb to scapula & clavicle Deltoid, Rotator cuff; Teres major Deep muscles of the shoulder (rotator cuff) Humerus (head removed)

Back pain and Muscle Pain Relief

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Muscle PAIN because I have found it to be a major key in any kind of preventive and maintenance health program. You may have the left shoulder riding up off the