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Applied Parallel Computing Introduction

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Parallel Programming Models and Machines. Software/libraries High Performance Computing (HPC) units are: - Flop: floating point . Titan - Cray XK7. , Opteron 6274. 16C 2.200GHz,. Cray Gemini interconnect,. NVIDIA K20x. Cray Inc. 560,640 17,590.0 27,112.5 8,209. From www.top500.org, Nov 

The Journal of Applied Business Research September/October 2012

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Corporate Culture Dimensions Associated Their study confirms another research by Wasko and Faraj (2005) who linked knowledge sharing to employees’ obligation to

Applied Psycholinguistics, 27(1)

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The difference between these two types of wh- questions is well known. translation of the relevant experimental condition is given in Example 3). 3.

Applied Techniques for High Bandwidth Data Transfers across Wide Area Networks

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At LBNL we developed a high-performance striped data cache called the . noted, however, that if the bandwidth is limited by small router buffers in the path, . always test out the specific cards in the environment that will be used in 

Applied Research for Vacuum Web Coating

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Applied research for vacuum web coating is like a seismographic sensor for new topics that will push forward the industrial application of this technology. The objective of this paper is to concisely present some current R&D topics which show interesting potential for future industrial use. Ultra-t

Progress in Applied CFD

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This book contains selected papers from the 10th International Conference on Computational Fluid. Dynamics in the Oil & Gas, .. Lattice Boltzmann simulations applied to understanding the stability of multiphase interfaces 231. Chapter 7: .. Elementary remeshing operations. The traditional 

MA in Applied Media Module Summaries

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Department of Public Relations and Communication Studies. Dr. H. S. Fourie For Media Studies: Prof. A. Konik, Prof. A. Hurst, Ms. J.L.. Vermaak, Mr. C. du. Plessis, and Dr. K. Asmah-Andoh. Supervisors from the Department/. School . concerning the sources of, and the remedies for, the current globa


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type pants permitted), but the pants cannot have holes in them, knees ripped out, seats ripped, etc. Shoes must be non-skid leather work shoes or boots,

Aspects and Requirements Domains Applied to Computer Security

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Centro de Ciência e Tecnologia, LCMAT, Ciência da Computaç ˜ao. Av Alberto Lamego, 2000 requirements domain and aspects and also is shown some examples on how to use this methodology. Index Terms—Computer .. business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning, cryptography 

A Complete Bibliography of Applied Statistics: 1980–1989

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423, 367, 123, 462, 147, 150, 77, 117, 754, 55,. 292, 734, 629 .. Durbin-Watson. [89, 160, 416] FORTRAN [166, 215, 185] Lyle [499]. M [58 

Applied Econometrics using MATLAB

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Applied Econometrics using MATLAB. James P. LeSage. Department of Economics. University of Toledo. CIRCULATED FOR REVIEW. October, 1998 

cluster-sample methods in applied econometrics - UCSB Economics

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CLUSTER-SAMPLE METHODS IN APPLIED ECONOMETRICS: AN EXTENDED ANALYSIS. Jeffrey M. Wooldridge. Department of Economics. Michigan State 


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quantitative and qualitative techniques used in research practice in the field of applied psychology. •. To provide students with the knowledge to apply other aspects of relevant research methodologies including experimental & survey design, and psychometrics. •. To enable them to use a statist

A Spatial-Intertemporal Model for Tropical Forest management Applied to Khao Yai National Park ...

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not necessarily undergone formal peer review or editorial treatment. The spatial analysis here suggests that most of this park can be best used as a .. from the vegetables, medicines, herbs, and meats extracted by the 3,000 local