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Page 1 Dental Anthropology Newsletter A PUBLICATION OF THE DENTAL ANTHROPOLOGY ...

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scholarship and the gullibility of authors over the decades has filled the literature .. The shape of the stone, which Atilla (1993) says does not exist in opinion, this clearly is a natural stone, differentially eroded (not worked), and 

An anthropology of religious polemics

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I study this violence instilled in religious polemics in detail by retracing, in this article, the origins of a . media's strategy of progressive polarization of public opinion, we all become idiots, ethnologists and . leased in French movie theaters, the Indo-British author Salman Rushdie publishe

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Class 4 Culture as meaning

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“chopper” bike starting in 1963 − they were inspired by customized “chopper” motorcyc les − the bike referred to, reminded you of,

Indonesian Journal of Social and Cultural Anthropology

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Kep/2012 tanggal 13 Desember 2012 tentang “Hasil Akreditasi Terbitan Berkala llmiah Periode II Tahun 2012,” Jurnal Antropologi Indonesia. (JAI) diakui culture is activated through the traditional institutions that always put through deliberation and . tiadat, nilai-nilai, bahasa, sistem keyaki

Documentation of Human Remains - Anthropology Home

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Documentation of Human Remains at the National Museum of Natural History, then creates a detailed list of the skeletal elements in each catalog images


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The series editors come from a range of disciplines: academic law; socio-legal studies; sociology and . would be lost in a general theory of law as an agent of 'social construc- tion'. Yet, diverse as they may . a resource for re-thinking the composition of persons and things, the modes in which th

Curriculum Vitae- Joshua A. Hendrix September 2013 Department of Sociology and Anthropology ...

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and Judith Treas for Wiley-Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of. Families. Expected publication Investigating the Nonstandard Work-Mental Health Relationship.” Sent to Reviewer for Work and Occupations. Summer 2013.

Sociology and Anthropology

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Courses of Instruction 266 [226c. Engineering Human Souls: Stalinist Culture and Russian Society.] 251c - IP, VPA. Russia’s “Others”: Siberia and Central Asia

Applying Anthropology

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“If anyone is going to stick it out, out of a sense .. changed recently as a result of the time-space compression incidents typically were brawls involving fists, sticks, and knives. Today guns have replaced the less lethal weapons of the past. Gangs . ceive a connection between the vector (e.g

Media Anthropology: An Overview

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media Studies by media studies scholars have had as a privileged object the processes of production and consumption of mass media in modern society.

Materiality, Symbol, and Complexity in the Anthropology of Money

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story, money is linked not only to the dissolution of ties among persons and com- munities but also the imposition of novel mental dispositions oriented towards the formal, quantitative means-ends calculation of self-interest. 5. This transformative narrative reinforces assumptions about quantifica

Andrew O. Obiajulu Ph.D Department of Sociology /Anthropology ,NnamdiAzikiwe University Awka ...

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cold war and its` corresponding increased influence of capitalist value preferences on social Key words: National policies, Nigerian police, Nigerian state, social conflict and students. Conceptualizing the . enhanced exploitation of Nigeria`s economic resources, the British used strategies like D

Anthropology of Traffic

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texts from which to read a people's conceptions about chance, fate, and . impulses that communicate between the two (Einstein 1920), so must we 

Sociology & Anthropology

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The Department of Sociology and Anthropology looks forward to working with you SOC101 – Intro to Sociology. B- .. students understanding and knowledge concerning New Jersey's role in the development of prehistoric by the economic reform initiated by Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970s. A brief.

Dr. Helen Fisher, Research Professor Department of Anthropology

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Human Brain Coloring Book: 1-1 (intro to brain); Damasio, Antonio R. (1995) The Feeling of What Happens: Body and emotion in the making of consciousness.