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The Application of Improved Hierarchical K-MEANS Algorithm in Athletic Contest Pressure Sources

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(2) Are you worried that you might not play as well as usual? (3) Do you regard the competition as a compulsory key task? (4) Have you ever doubted your own abilities? (5) Can you have extraordinary performance in case of pressure? (6) Do you feel anxious when the result of a game is unexpected?

Dynamic Data Structures for a Direct Search Algorithm

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Lewis, V. Torczon, and M. W. Trosset, \Direct search methods: then and now", Journal of Computa-tional and Applied Mathematics, vol. 124, pp. 191{207, 2000.

The Algorithm of Habitat Discovery in Bird Migration

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windows7 operating system and C # language is used to write the algorithm. The software development environment is Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and SQL server 2010. 4.2Experiment One: Selection of Feature Point. The authors adopt the Feature Point (FP) to replace duplicate sampling points in the 

Aplikasi Firefly Algorithm Pada Kontroler PID Untuk Mengatur Kecepatan Motor DC

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Prosiding SENTIA 2015 – Politeknik Negeri Malang. Volume 7 Abstrak. Proportional-Integral-Derivative controller merupakan kontroler yang paling banyak digunakan pada motor DC firefly algorithmpada motor DC dengan set point 0.75 PU didapatkan nilai overshoot maksimal adalah 0,748.

How to Create an Algorithm in Word

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[Algorithm how-to procedure]. 3. INSTRUCTIONS: MS Word 2011 on a Mac. How do I create the boxes? Select “Insert,” then “Text box." You can then draw a box using the cross-shaped tool by clicking and pulling outward until you reach the size that would fit your text. You can add your text to th

A New Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Bacterial Evolution and Its

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1 A New Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Bacterial Evolution and Its Application for Scheduling a Flexible Manufacturing System Chandramouli Anandaraman 1*, Arun

An Efficient Path Selection Algorithm for On-Demand Link-State Hop-by-Hop Routing

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mation on-demand and on hop-by-hop packet forwarding. REFERENCES. [1] D. B. Johnson and D. A. Maltz, “Dynamic Source Routing in Ad-Hoc. Wireless Networks,” Mobile Computing, 1994. [2] C. E. Perkins and E. M. Royer, “Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector. Routing,” in Proc. of IEEE WMCSA'99 

Progress of the Evolutionary Algorithm NSGA-II

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In order to test for improvement within the population of solutions produced Before providing details of the statistical analysis, we fully describe the.

A Faster Algorithm for the Binary Epsilon Indicator Based on Orthant Minimum Search

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[12] Y. Nekrich. A fast algorithm for three-dimensional layers of maxima problem. In Algorithms and Data. Structures, number 6844 in Lecture Notes in. Computer Science, pages 607–618. 2011. [13] L. Russo and A. Francisco. Quick hypervolume. IEEE. Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 18(4),.

A Fast and Accurate Chirp Rate Estimation Algorithm Based on the Fractional Fourier Transform

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magnitude of the fractional Fourier transform domains not only accelerates the process, but also increases the accuracy in a noisy environment. Simulation results validate the proposed algorithm and show that the accuracy of parameter estimation nearly achieves the Cramer-Rao lower bound for SNR 

Robustness and Accuracy of the QUEST Algorithm

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the partial factorization of the Davenport characteristic equation is examined, and the corresponding reference directions in the primary reference frame, .. −0.99712. −0.07584. 0 (16abc). 13This rearrangement is that of . 19The di erences between the results in equations (18) and the last two

Carrier tracking algorithm based on joint acquisition of frequency locked loop and phase locked loop

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P f. t t. T θ ω π π π. -. = = = -. (11). The phase discrimination error and the frequency discrimination error are optimal under the condition of high and low SNR, and the slope of the identification curve is independent of the signal amplitude. 2.2 Design of Loop Filter. When design a carrier

Automatic Vehicle Detection Using Various Object Detecting Algorithm and Thresholding Methods

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According to our result Pixel level thresholding is better than Otsu method. Keywords:- http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/bitstream/10603/826.

Automated Airspace Sectorization by Genetic Algorithm

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to increase an adaptability of airspace sector configurations to the new traffic demands. The aim of the Then, due to the induced combinatorial complexity, a stochastic optimization method is applied to algorithm called Genetic Algorithm (GA) has been developed to build airspace sectors in severa