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J-PAL Africa Executive Education Course in Evaluating Social Programmes Course Material ...

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Propensity score matching: non-participants who have a mix of . coffee agronomy-training program in Nyarubaka sector in southern Rwanda.

Optimal feeding systems for small-scale dairy herds in the North West Province, South Africa

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appraisal (PRA) and observation was used to outline the extent of the constraints and design appropriate phase, three different feeding systems were designed from the data obtained from PRA. These were: (1) A of Pretoria, viewed 10 June 2013, from http://upetd.up.ac.za/thesis/available/etd-.

the enforcement of the right of access to adequate housing in south africa

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adequate housing and provided UNCHS (Habitat) with a solid mandate to pursue the promotion and realization of .. shall be provided to him and his mother, including adequate pre-natal and post-natal care. Nedelsky J “Reconceiving Autonomy: Sources, Thoughts and Possibilities” (1989) Yale.

An Urban-Rural Focus on Food Markets in Africa

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This paper takes an urban-rural focus on sub-Saharan Africa (hereafter: Africa) food markets, arguing that the structure of amounts of meat, dairy, oils and fats, and fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes, and they urban food market: periurban farmers, urban agriculture, and processo

Southern Africa Drought Fact Sheet #3

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Malawi and Mozambique, staple crop prices are more than 100 percent higher . according to the USG National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. to result in the early depletion of household food stocks across several . Ambassador to Malawi Virginia E. Palmer declared a disaster due to the 

Mustelid and viverrid remains from the Pleistocene site of Cooper's D, Gauteng, South Africa

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1Department of Archaeology, Humanities Building, University of Nottingham, Nottingham NG7 2RD, U.K.. 2Evolutionary Studies E-mail: hannah.o'[email protected] . and lateral (b) views, and CD 15667, a left P4, shown in lingual (c), bucco-mesial (d) and occlusal (e) views. Specimens 

Pension Funds and Development of Capital Markets in South Africa

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process information (Davis & Steil, 2001; Raisa, 2012; Enache, Milos & Milos,. 2015; Walker & Lefort derivative instruments and unit trusts up until 1982, remains small at less than 2 per cent in the last Pension fund assets reduce dividend yields and increase price-to-book ratios, indicating a d

East African Breweries Limited - Imara - Investing in Africa

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East African Breweries Limited FY 2011 Results & Update - Geared up for regional opportunities in the wake of an exigent environment in the key market…


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marimba programme with sharon malan 5 1030- 1115 drums and percussion workshop with the drum tree-o 6 1030- 1200 continuous steelpan workshops with dave reynolds 3

Fertilizer use by crop in South Africa

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15. Field crops. 15. Industrial crops. 15. Horticultural and fruit crops. 16. Producer organizations. 16. 4. Plant nutrient supply. 19. Fertilizer production .. Triangle and East Rand. The emphasis in this province is on mixed and vegetable farming. The Northern Cape is by far the largest province

The Effective Power of Music in Africa

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There is now African philosophy quite distinct from Western, Indian, Asian and even American philosophy. sic in Africa is the Classical Music as a weapon for correcting moral deviants and as a medium through which a lost society can . need for improvising and utilizing homemade instruments.

Domestic resource mobilization for sustainable financing for health in Africa

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2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016. HIC. UMIC. LMIC. LIC . Domestic ownership of health spending (2015) compared to GDP per capita. Figure 7. Domestic .. exists, there are a few that have made significant headway in implementing 

Armies and Democracy in the New Africa

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The Nigerian military has ruled the country for most of its independence wave, methodically transforming the political map of the continent."1.

national health insurance for south africa towards universal health coverage denosa inputs and ...

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The NHI White paper analysis and input herein is from the DENOSA national and provincial leadership structures including representatives from the following organizations: INSTITUTION. CATEGORY. Ann Lastky Nursing College. Nurse educators. Brits Hospital. Nurse Practitioners. Charlotte Maxeke.

Sleeping sickness in West Africa

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6 Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, UMR 177, Montpellier, France. Summary objective To review the geography and history of sleeping sickness (Human African trypanosomiasis;. HAT) over the past 100 years in West Africa, to identify priority areas for sleeping sickness surveillance.