Symbian bMC Client 2

Symbian bMC Client 2

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Datasheet: bMC Client, Symbian Platform Symbian bMC Client 2.2 General Features • Symbian phone becomes a full featured extension of your Enterprise PBX

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Datasheet: bMC Client, Symbian Platform Symbian bMC Client 2.2 General Features • Symbian phone becomes a full featured extension of your Enterprise PBX • Cellular Integration for Incoming and Outgoing calls to force all calls through the PBX • Voice over WIFI and 3G with Excellent Voice Quality • Fully encrypted calls 1 • Least-Cost-Routing options 2 • Presence and Instant Messaging & SMS 1 to integrate with your Unified Communication Infrastructure • Interactive Enterprise Voice Feature support 1 • Visual Missed Calls, IM/SMS, Voicemail NotificationsNative Contact List Integration, Integrated Call Logs • Supports Deployment and Device Management in conjunction with Mobile Convergence Controller 1 over WLAN/Packet Data 2 Cellular networks Unified User Experience Reduce the nu mber of communication devices people use to just one. One Number, one device, one mailbox brings long thought simplicity back to enterprise communications. Cost Control As a system that selects the most cost-efficient baseband and the most efficient way (LCR) to communicate, the bMC Solution helps companies reduce Mobile Comm. cost. Dramatic cost savings can already be realized by just deploying the cellular-only solution. Improve Work Efficiency Deployed with the bMC Controller, the bMC Client raises the produc- tivity of your workforce by improving communication with the single-number and Unified Communication Features: • Everybody knows how to g et a hold of each other • One central Voice Mail • Presence enables determine if someone is available be- fore you call • Expedite Communication processes through Instant Messaging The bMC Client is a Fixed Mobile Conve rgence (FMC) mobile application running on popular Smartphones. It is deployed in conjunction with the Business Mobility™ Systems b MC Controller systems that integrates with your back-end

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