Supplier Diversity Brochure

Supplier Diversity Brochure

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TVA knows the value of diversity in generating supply to create a stronger and more resilient power system. We also know the value of diversity in our supply chain to create broader and more sustainable economic opportunities for the people we serve. — TVA President & CEO Bill Johnson, 2014 TVA 

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Delivering on TVA’s Mission through Supplier Diversity Supplier Diversity TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY TVA VALUES SAFETY • INTEGRITY • ACCOUNTABILITY • COLLABORATION • SERVICE From our generation portfolio to our supplier base, TVA recognizes the essential role diversity plays in delivering on our mission to provide clean, affordable energy, steward our natural resources, and promote economic prosperity for the people of the Tennessee Valley — TVA Chief Operating Officer Mike Skaggs TennesseeTombigbee Waterway Cumberland River R i v e r T e n n e s s e e Mississippi River Ohio River NO\f TH CA\fO\bINA TENNESSEE MISSISSIPPI A\bABAMA GEO\fGIA KENTUCKY VI\fGINIA A\fK MISSOU\fI I\b SOUTH CA\fO\bINA W V Upper Bear Cr eek Dam \bittle Bear Cr eek Dam Cedar Cr eek Dam Tims For d Dam Chickamauga Dam & \b\Oock \faccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Plant Ocoee #1 DamW atts Bar Dam & \bock Ocoee #2 DamOcoee #3 Dam Nottely DamChatuge Dam Blue \fidge Dam Hiwassee Dam Apalachi a Dam Fontana Dam T ellico Dam Ft \boudoun Dam & \b\Oock Melton Hill Dam, \bock & Solar Norris Dam Doakes Cr eek Dam Cherokee Dam Douglas Dam Nolichucky Dam Normandy Dam Gr eat Falls Dam Pickwick \banding Da\Om & \bock WilsonDam & \bock Wheeler Dam & \bock Guntersville Dam & \bock Ft Patrick Henry \ODam Boone Dam Clear Cre ek Dam Beaver Cr eek Dam Wilbur Dam W atauga Dam South Holston Dam Bear Cr eek Dam Kentucky Dam & \bock Sycamor e Dam Beech Dam \bost Creek Dam Pine Dam Dogwood Dam Pin Oak Dam Cedar Dam \fedbud Dam Nickajack Dam & \boc\Ok Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Sequoyah Nuclear P\Olant W atts Bar Nuclear Plant Kingston Fossil Pla\Ont Bull \fun Fossil Plant Paradise Fossi l & Combined Cycle Plant Allen Combustion Turbine, Combined Cycle Plan\Ot & Solar Site Gallatin Fossil Pl\Oant & Combustion T urbine Cumberland Fossil Plant Shawnee Fossil Plant Colbert CombustionT urbineJohnsonville Combustion Turbine John Sevier Dam John Sevier Combined Cycle \bagoon Cr eek Combustio n T urbine & Combined Cycle Plant Brownsville Combustion Turbine Kemper Combustion Turbine Caledoni a Combined Cycle Plant Southaven Combined Cycle Plant Magnolia Combined Cycle Plant Marshall Combustion Turbine Gleason Combustion Turbine Ackerman Combined Cycle Plant Finley Stadium Mor gan Count y V ocational T echnical School Adventur e Science Center University of Miss\Oissippi Intramural Sports \OComplex Gibson Count y High School B\fIDGES Center Mississippi State University Huntsville Botanical Gar den Flor ence Wa ter Tr eatment Facility \bovers \bane Soccer Complex Duffield Primary Scho\Ool Cocke County High School Where We Make a Difference AND YOU CAN, TOO 6 COALFIRED PLANTS 3 NUCLEAR PLANTS 29 HYDROELECTRIC PLANTS 1 PUMPED STORAGE PLANT 9 COMBUSTION TURBINE PLANTS 8 COMBINED CYCLE PLANTS 1 DIESEL GENERATOR SITE 14 SOLAR ENERGY SITES We are part of a diverse and successful enterprise serving 10 million people 16 ,200 +MILES OF TRANSMISSION LINES The TVA generating system stretches across the state of Tennessee and parts of six other southeastern states TVAoperated facilities include: To support supplier diversity, TVA actively: • Assists small, diverse suppliers in the qualification process for contract opportunities through promotion of joint ventures, partnerships and subcontracting relationships to aid in business development and growth • Partners with Supplier Diversity and Development organizations to provide support services, which include guidance on the TVA sourcing process, attendance at events and networking opportunities • Provides for small business setasides when procurement is between $25,000 and $100,000 At TVA, we’re committed to maintaining a competitive, diverse supplier base that is reflective of the Tennessee Valley region We do this by supporting the utilization of qualified businesses that are small, minorityowned, womanowned, veteran owned, servicedisabled veteran owned, and located in historically under\ utilized business zones (HUBZones) Keys to Success Companies that wish to do business with TVA can enhance their competitiveness in the following ways: • Learn TVA’s sourcing process • Focus on safety, diversity and quality performance • Understand your core competencies and niche • Sharpen networking skills: – Research how to do business with TVA – Prepare a brief capability statement – Schedule an introductory meeting with a TVA representative and be prepared to follow up with company materials as requested Getting Started For suppliers that would like to be considered for future opportunities, follow the steps below: • Visit the Supplier Connections website at: wwwtvacom/supplier • Go to the “I am seeking to build a relationship with TVA” bullet and “Click here to learn how” •

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