Successful Automation of GUI Driven Acceptance Testing

Successful Automation of GUI Driven Acceptance Testing

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up distilling our own GUI testing strategies in conjunction with Marathon, an open interacting with the target program's user interface 2. Marathon home page. 3. Java GUI Testing Group. 4. Jython home page.

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Successful Automation of GUI Driven Acceptance Testing Charles Lowell and Jeremy StellSmith ThoughtWorks, Inc, 651 W Washington Blvd Suite 600 Chicago IL, 60661, {cmlowell, jeremy}@thoughtworkscom Abstract Acceptance Testing is a fundamental part of XP It provides the customerdeveloper “handshake” required for a project to succeed One logical place to do this testing is at the GUI level However, to do so requires a GUI testing tool This paper will discuss the lessons we learned developing and using such a tool over the course of several projects We believe that these lessons are generally applicable and will lead to successful GUIdriven testing on other projects aspiring to Agile development, whether our framework or another is in use We particularly wanted to share those lessons for which we paid a high price to learn 1 Introduction Tools that use the graphical user interface of an application as a starting point for testing are nothing new In today's market there are many complex and featureful packages of ranging quality that do this with varying levels of success However, these tools have been historically used as part of the traditional, onecycle design, develop, test, release mode of software development Compelled by the tenets of XP we wanted to integrate these tools into the agile environments of two very large development efforts (30+ programmers) However, we found existing tools to be somewhat incompatible with agile values of development In particular, our iterative style demanded a tool with which it was easy to write good acceptance tests, which was resilient to radical changes in interface design and layout over short periods of time, whose test suites could be extended and refactored to accommodate the rapid growth of a complex user interface, and which could also be easily automated into a continuous process always running and reporting success or failure against the latest version of the source There are many difficult and often nonobvious problems associated with the type of GUI testing we were striving for, and as a result, we ended up distilling our own GUI testing strategies in conjunction with Marathon, an open source tool (http://marathonmansourceforgenet/ ) specifically designed around those strategies 2 Charles Lowell and Jeremy StellSmith 2 Tests Must Be Easy To Write If writing tests is prohibitively difficult, then people won't do it We believe this to be absolutely true, and because of this, one of our goals was to make sure that Marathon could be used to quickly and easily write GUI tests Nowhere else was this more abundantly clear than when, in the first predecessor to Marathon, only playback functionality was included Though users were capable of writing very advanced test scripts, no one actually did except for the Marathon developers themselves This was attributable to two main factors relating to the scripting elements comprising the tests First, any language used to accurately describe interaction with a graphical user interface must have a syntax and structure specially suited to that purpose This necessarily makes it alien to someone not already familiar it People are reluctant to expend the upfront effort required to learn a highly tool specific language especially when many people on the team cannot perceive the benefit Of course this reluctance is not insurmountable, but it does, however, pose a significant obstacle Second, and perhaps more importantly, even if team members are willing to spend the upfront effort to learn the language, interacting with a graphical user interface programmatically by way of a written script is an inherently different mode of programming and thinking to which people must become accustomed As it

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