Street kids' feeding scheme on the rocks

Street kids' feeding scheme on the rocks

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tirely dependent on Eskom in South Africa for the purchase of electricity. TIlls meant an electricity price rise in the near future would be unavoidable, ta ka kala omunanghena oafye. Ohatu popile komanyeme, shaashi fye otwe ku lineek- ela shaasbi shito oho udu omaudjuu etu, ile edimiri- afanepo 

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* TODAY: AGENT ONtHERUN SAGA CARRIES ON * SUPER WEEKEND SPORT * Brin gi ng Afr ica South Vol2 No360 SOe (GST Inc) Frida y July S Major Nanso NOTE TO READE RS READERS should please make sure that their copy of The Namiblan has Its full 32 pages, Including Readers' Letters, TV Guide, Spotlight on Angola, An Alternative Way of Censoring the Press and much more Also In the news today: Tough Times for Street Kids, Ace Namlblan Sprinter Frankie Freder­ Icks Outraces Carl Lewls and Special Spot­ light on Wimbledon: Sabatlnl and Graf set upfinals clash; Beckerand Edberg through split looms • Delegates from North walk out over nonaffiliation to Swapo THE Nanso congress almost ended in comp lete disarray yesterday when ~lmost all 96 dele­ gates from the northern region walked out of the congress to protest moves to disaffiliate Nanso from Swapo The walkout threatens to cause a major split :within the stud ents ' movement that pits the far north against the south­ ern, central and eastern regions Although the debate SUI'­ rounding affiliation to Swapo appears to have been emotion­ ally charged , the walkout it­ self was apparently carried out peacefully and quietly Only a handful of the 96 delegates from the north re­ mained inside the congress hall while the rest gathered in a large group outside to discuss their nex t step They were however adamant that either Nanso remained affilia ted to Swapo or they would not return to the con­ gress Only one delegate from outside the far north region a student from the central region joined the walkout Unless the crisis is resolved it could result in two different students' organisations one for the far north and o ne for the rest of the country This would severely weaken Nanso as 65 per cent of the organisation's membership is believed to come from the far north "We just want to go home If they continue this policy of 'disaffiliating from Swapo we will organise ourselves s epa ­ ratel y under the Swapo Youth League," members of the group said The ir main concern seemed to be how they would get home because Nanso had allegedly not suppl ied them with trans­ port, and they had come at their own expense Nanso Secretary for Public MBATJIUA NGAVIURE ity and Information Owen Shaamena said, however, ef­ forts were still being made to resolve the dispute ' According to Shaamena, the northern delegates who re­ mained in the hall were still going to hold a meeting with their collegues to get clarity on the reasons for the walkout The Nanso Congress, which has been , in progress at the A Shipena school since Monda y, was apparently running smoothly until the day before yesterday On Wednesd ay the various regions were supposed

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