Stifel SY Acquisition 2011

Stifel SY Acquisition 2011

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Fortune magazine's annual global list of the 100 visit our web sites or call your nearest location. november 2011 Stifel and Stone & Youngberg: An Overview

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Working Together to Make Stifel Stronger Than Ever The joining of two forces in the Public Finance sector: Stifel Nicolaus and Stone & Youngberg Notable Stats/AwardsPublic Finance is a core line of business for Stifel Nicolaus. Unlike many of its competi- tors who have downsized their public finance presence over the past several years, Stifel has expanded the scope of its public finance practice, as exemplified by the acquisition of Stone & Youngberg. Stifel and Stone & Youngberg were recently named as the top national underwriter for K-12 education transactions for third quarter 2011. Additionally, Stifel Financial was named to Fortune magazine's annual global list of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in 2009 and 2010. Below are recent notable statistics for both firms. For more information on both firms, please visit our web sites or call your nearest location. november 2011 Stifel and Stone & Youngberg: An Overview Stifel Nicolaus has grown to be one of the largest independent brokerage firms in the nation. Over the past two years, Stifel also accessed the public stock market three times, raising over $150 million to bolster our capital and support our growth. Stifel’s market capitalization now exceeds $1.5 billion. Through recent acquisitions and its continued growth and development, Stifel Nicolaus now offers its public finance clients an unmatched combination of premier structuring, pricing, sales distribution, and research capabilities. On October 1, 2011, Stifel Nicolaus announced the completion of its acquisition of the public finance firm Stone & Youngberg, LLC. Stone & Youngberg is the West Coast’s largest regional investment banking firm, specializing in fixed income securities. Founded in San Francisco in 1931, Stone & Youngberg has worked with public agencies for over eight decades to fund the infrastructure that built the West. The firm has a rich

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