Step 1: Setting up your Internet Connection

Step 1: Setting up your Internet Connection

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Configuring Windows XP for UW-W’s 802.1x Secure Wireless Network This Quick Start Guide assumes that you already have a wireless network connection enabled and

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Configuring Window s XP for UW W’s 8021x Secure Wireless Network This Quick Start Guide assumes that you already have a wireless network connection enabled and configured for DHCP You should have a Wireless Network Status menu bar icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, as pictured below Step 1: Setting up your Internet Connection Go to a place that provides access to the UW W 8021x secure wireless network “uww wifi” For current wireless locations, please see the UW W Wireless Computing web page : http://wwwuwwedu/icit/services/wireless/ To complete these instructions you will need to establish a connection to the network and authenticate with your UW W Net ID and password Double c lick the Wireless network Status menu on the menu bar It should automatically open to this menu below Then, at the menu click the “Change Advanced Settings” Link which is circled below Click the Wireless Networks Tab You should now see a screen like the one below Make sure Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings is checked Then, Click the “Add” button After pressing “Add ” you should see a screen similar to the one below o For the Network name (SSID): type “uww wifi” (Lower case) o Make sure that “Connect even if this network is not broadcasting” is checked o Ensure “Network Authentication ” is set to WPA and “Data Encryption ” is set to TKIP o Ensure “The key is provided for me automatically ” is checke d o When you are done click the “Authentication ” tab at the top of the window to move to the next section The “Authentication” tab: o Make sure “Enable IEEE 8021x authentication for this network ” is checked o The “EAP type ” should be set to “Prot ected EAP (PEAP) ” If it is not change it by selecting it from the pull down box o M ake sure that “Authenticate as computer when computer information is available ” and “Authenticate as guest whe n user or computer information is unavailable ” are unchecked o Then Click the ”Properties ” button On the following screen: o Uncheck “Validate server certificate ” o Ensure t hat everything else is unchecked except for “Enable Fast Reconnect ” located at the bottom of the screen Finally, ensure that the “Select Authentication Method ” is set to “ Secured password (EAP MSCHAP v2) ” o Click the “Configure ” button Then Uncheck “Autom atically use my Windows logon name and password…” CLICK OK on all screens until all screens are closed Step 1 Finished Step 2: Getting Connected NOTE: The remaining steps

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