State of the FWOP: New Business, New Bridges

State of the FWOP: New Business, New Bridges

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Paul Leonard, Upper Dublin Township Manager, gives the “State of the Fort Washington . Open Houses are free programs in the UDPL. STEAM Lab. out Facebook photos at Ambler Bike Race Criterium. Crabby . When looking for a custom software solution from a vendor, you typically begin by 

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FORT WASHINGTON BUSINESS ALLIANCE FWBAONLINECOM [email protected] 2156280313 November 2015 Issue 43 Upper Dublin Township’s Board of Commissioners is committed to revitalization and a stronger economic upswing in the Fort Washington Office Park As an Ambler Gazette article stated, the township is willing to ‘put its money where its mouth is’ Township Manager, Paul Leonard, presented a copious list of positive news at the annu al FWBA meeting, “State of the Fort Washington Office Park,” to more than 55 FWBA mem bers and guests at the lovely Hilton Garden Inn Many of the economic devel opment thrusts address ongoing revenue health for all of Upper Dublin Significant funds are generated solely from the of fice park approximately 184% for the township and 126 for the school district Therefore, investing in the park has benefits that perme ate many community levels Of the $983 million esti mated for proposed infrastruc ture projects in the park, $18 million has been spent The two high hazard, dry dams on Rapp Run and Pine Run were completed in 2013 Another $955 million has been funded (all grants require matching township funds) Upcoming projects include the replacement of three, 60 Loyalty Program for FWBA Members: Code FWBA034 Upper Dublin Township Parks & Recreation Department now offers all FWBA members a special discount, even though they might not be Upper Dublin residents A discounted rate will be extended to reduce the costs of programs to al l FWBA members Check it out at upperdublinnet When registering, enter Code FWBA034 If needed, call Tammy Echevarria, Recreation Superintendent at 2156431600 x 3241 Many thanks to Tammy & Derek Dureka, UDP&R Director for supporting the Loyalty Program and kudos to current FBLA members at Upper Dublin High School for initiating the spirit of this program! Paul Leonard, Upper Dublin Township Manager, gives the “State of the Fort Washington Office Park” presentation at the September FWBA meeting held at the Hilton Garden Inn Fort Washington More than 55 FWBA members and guests enjoyed a scrumptious lunch prepared by the Hilton Chef and food staff State of the FWOP: New Business, New Bridges The October FWBA meet ing, ”Emergency Practices in the Workplace,” was held and presented by the Community Ambulance Association, Am bler Many thanks to David Flem ing, Executive Director, for co ordinating the event Lunch was generously provided by Robin Kramer & Green, LLP Mark Cieri, RKG and FWBA Board member, announced that George’s Dreshertown Shop n Bag extended a discount to support the event Thank you! CAAA is a 501 (C) 3 non profit organization, open round the clock, 365 days per year with 2 day crews,1 night crew, 4 ambulances, 32 employees, 6 officers, 20 volunteers and a volunteer board of directors Operations Captain Ron Wilson gave a strong presenta tion and shared varied experi ences and safety practices Signs and symptoms of stroke, heart attack, choking, seizures and low or high blood sugar were reviewed, plus oth er emergency situations In addition, what to do in the case of an Active Shooter was pre sented Some of the considerations for your worksite include:

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