stanford university budget plan

stanford university budget plan

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PeopleSoft system. As a result, fund balances are projected to grow to $4 million by the end of. 2006/07. These funds balances will be used through ated fu n d in g fo r th is catego ry is th ro u g h a co m b in atio n o. f g ift raisin g an d sch o o l, d ep artm en t an d u n iversity reserves

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stanford universitybudget plan 2007/08 This Budget Plan was approved by the Stanford University Board of Trustees June 14, 2007 Distribution of this document is made in the interest of greater understanding of the University’s Budget and the processes through which it is annually determined This publication can also be found at: http://w w wstanfordedu /dept/presprovost/budget/plans /plan08html To The Board of Trustees: I a m pl e a s e d t o s u bm i t S t a n f ord Un i ve r s i t y ’s 2 0 0 7 / 0 8 B u d g e t Pl a n f or y ou r a p p r ov a l T h e B u d g e t Plan has two parts The first is the Consolidated Budget for Operations, which includes all of Stanford’s anticipated operating revenue and expense for next year The second is the Capital Budget, which is set in the context of a multiyear Capital Plan 1 Some of the highlights of the Plan: ■ The Consolidated Budget for Operations reflects an anticipated surplus of $588 million on $35 billion of revenues, $33 billion in expenditures, and $125 million in transfers The Consolidated Budget revenues are expected to grow by 34% over the 2006/07 projected actual results, driven principally by grow th in investment income and health care ser vices ■ The Consolidated Budget includes $ 8618 million in general funds, of which $1338 million flows to the Graduate School of Business, the School of Medicine, and the Continuing Studies and Summer Session Programs in accordance with previously agreedupon formulas After ot h e r t r a n s fe r s a nd a dju s t me nt s , t h e re re m a i n s $ 721 8 m i l l i on i n ge ne r a l f u nd s t o b e a l l o c at e d directly by the Provost This represents a 7% increase in the nonformula general funds component of the Consolidated Budget and includes a $10 million budgeted surplus that we are holding in reserve for future needs ■ The Capital Budget calls for $3863 million in expenditures next year These expenditures are in suppor t of a t hreeyear Capita l Plan t hat, if f ul ly completed, would require $ 24 bil lion in total project funding Principal expenditures next year will be directed to the seven re ma i n i ng bu i ld i ng s i n t he S c ienc e, E ng i neer i ng , a nd Med ic a l C a mpu s (SE MC) ($121 m i l l ion) ; the Munger Graduate Residences ($964 million); and the new Graduate School of Business campus ($209 million) ■ This Budget Plan also presents the projected 2007/08 Statement of Activities in a format con sistent with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, as reported in the university’s annual financial report The projected Statement of Activities shows a $1108 million surplus Proposed Change in Endowment Policy At the June, 2007, Board of Trustees meeting the administration will request

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