SpringBoard Writing Workshops

SpringBoard Writing Workshops

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Vertical Articulation of Online Writing Workshops the types of sources that may be helpful in expanding ideas. Supply students with several resources

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SpringBoard ® Writing Workshops Texas Sampler Grade 7 English Textual Power ™ SB_TX_G7_Sampler_CVR.indd 1 10/25/10 3:35 PM inspiring mindsconnect to coll eg e su cce ss TM Vertical Articulation of Online Writing Workshops The ten SpringBoard writing workshops cover the writing process and majo\ r writing modes. These modes change from middle school to high school to provide d\ istinctions in organizational structure, style, and writing techniques. Writing Workshop 1 consists of two distinct writing process workshops: one explicitly for middle school and one for high school. • The middle school workshop is designed to introduce and guide students t\ hrough the stages of the process, helping them to understand and practice writing i\ n each of the stages. • The high school workshop assumes that students know the basic skills so \ they can focus more on stylistic techniques, rhetorical elements, and syntactical\ structure that writers consider as they move through the various stages of the process.\ Writing Workshops 2, 3, and 5 include the short story, poetry, and scrip\ t writing workshops. All have students work from model texts to explore creative writing mode\ s. As students move through the workshop levels, they develop more independently through con\ tinued creative writing opportunities. Writing Workshop 4 begins with personal narrative writing in middle scho\ ol and moves into reflective writing in high school to help prepare students for the kind of writing they will need to become college ready. Writing Workshop 6 consists of expository workshops that allow students to explore a variety of organizational structures, such as cause-effect, compare-contrast, pr\ oblem-solution, definition, and synthesis. Writing Workshop 7 includes procedural writing workshops, which give students practice in practical writing applications that develop writing skills appropriat\ e for the workplace and college. Writing Workshop 8 focuses on persuasive writing and moves through two distinct organizational structures that ultimately prepare

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