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Teacher (credential & degree required) Supervising Special Education Assistant Special Education Assistant Special Education Trainee Children’s Center


Teacher (credential & degree required)Supervising Special Education AssistantSpecial Education AssistantSpecial Education TraineeChildren’s Center AideSpecial Education Trainee SubstituteEducation Aide IIIInstructional AideHealth Care AssistantTeacher AssistantEducation Aide IISpecial Needs AttendantLOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICTCAREER OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN THE FIELD OF SPECIAL EDUCATION LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICTENTRY LEVEL POSITIONS INTO THE FIELD OF SPECIAL EDUCATION : Education Aide II Typical Job Duties–Assists certificated employees by performing a variety of routine manual tasks, helping in home-school communications, monitoring classrooms and halls, and performing simple clerical work related to other assigned duties Minimum Entrance Requirements–Ability to speak a foreign language may be required for some positions Special Needs Attendant Typical Job Duties–Performs tasks related to the physical and social needs of a disabled individual Minimum Entrance Requirements–Sufficient strength to lift and move an individual with special health care needs. A Los Angeles Unified School District Food Handler’s Certificate must be obtained upon appointment and renewed annually. A Red Cross First Aid Certificate must be obtained within 60 days after appointment and kept validduring the term of employment. Special Education Trainee Typical Job Duties–Assist teachers in caring for students’physical needs and in presenting educational material and developmental exercises while learning the duties and responsibilities of a Special Education Assistant through a combination of experience and formal education. Minimum Entrance Requirements–Graduation from high school or evidence of equivalent educational proficiency as required by Education Code Section 45344.5. Six hundred hours of paid experience or verifiable supervised volunteer experience providing physical or instructional assistance to disabled individuals in a school, pre-school, hospital, or other education program, or 600 hours of verifiable experience as a student teacher in a school for disabled students. Information on additional job opportunities can be obtained by calling the Classified Recruitment Office at (213) 353-4200 Ext. 1, or by visiting our website at www.lausd.k12.ca.us.

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