Speaker at New Bedford’s MLK event says schools must be held ac

Speaker at New Bedford’s MLK event says schools must be held ac

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longer be called a school, Dr. Steve Perry told the crowd gathered on Sunday at Keith Middle School for All had the message to keep King’s dream alive.

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Our sisters then, our sisters toda y And a whole world waiting 145 Brownell Avenue New Bedford, MA 02740 5089941255 [email protected] ww woursistersschoolorg N ews Speaker at New Bedford’s MLK event says schools must be held ac countable By KIM LEDOUX, CONTRIBUTING WRITER New Bedford StandardTimes, January 18, 2010 12:00 AM NEW BEDFORD — A school where most of the students are classified as\ underperforming can no longer be called a school, Dr Steve Perry told the crowd gathered on Sunday at Keith Middle School for the Greater New Bedford Annual Dr Martin Luther King Jr Remembrance program Bestselling author, CNN consultant and soughtafter speaker, Perry is founder and principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School, a public middle and high school in Connecticut that has a record of send ing 100 percent of its graduates on to fouryear colleges His message to New Bedford: All students must have access to an excellen\ t education — no excuses “My objective is to make it around this room and step on as many toes\ as possible,” he said during his keynote address “You cannot have an achievement gap and success in the same place You cannot have some children being successful and other children not I know that they are somebo\ dy’s child and they are a child of God, and, as such, they are worth more” According to Perry, the No Child Left Behind Act was the right course for the country beca\ use it holds schools accountable He said poverty and race do not dictate where a child ends, only where h\ e or she begins in life Perry’s school is modeled on some of the country’s more elite priv\ ate schools, with academics being held yearround and the expectation that all of its students will go on \ to pursue bachelor’s degrees and more Students at Capital Prep are chosen by lottery system from the Hartford Public School\ district, and many who enter the program come from lowincome homes and are in need of\ academic remediation Nevertheless, the students are showing a dropout rate approaching zero p\ ercent and getting into some of the best colleges in the country According to Perry, many schools are not successful because they give in to the demands of\ teachers unions and enable ineffective teachers to keep working “Removing a failed teacher is one of the most important things we can\ do for the children and for the teacher” Perry was invited to speak at the event by the Martin Luther King Jr Planning Committee because of this year’s focus on the civil rights leader’s quest for education\ al equality Mayor Scott W Lang, City councilloratlarge Brian K Gomes, and many other officia\ ls and members of the clergy were on hand for the program “No child should be left behind,” Gomes said twice for emphasis “No matter what color, what culture, what they look like They are our future Dr King would not be so happy right now about some of the things that are happening” According to Marcelina PinaChristian, chairwoman of the Martin Luther K\ ing Jr Planning Committee, nonviolence and education were at the core of the civil rights movement\ She introduced the following students to read King’s principles of no\ nviolence: Destiny Rodrigues, Darius Haghighat, Irene Luperon, Dominic Oliveira, Raekwon Grace and San\ tiago Ortiz The musical component of the program included crowd favorites, such as d\ uets from Joey Azevedo and Jeanette Raposa, solos from Chantel Hampton, and a performance by th\ e New Bedford High School Jazz Choir Highly Intelligent People Healing Our Planet, or Hip Hop, a group from W\ hite Plains, NY, that per forms hiphop songs inspired by King’s principles, quickly had the au\ dience waving their arms and cheering All had the message to keep King’s dream alive “Education is a verb,” said Ross Grace, vice principal of Keith Mi\ ddle School “Give your best to your child Give

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