some reflections from an Australian university

some reflections from an Australian university

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International Institute of Academic Research (IIAR) .. Counseling African American Male Survivor of Sexual Abuse: An Intersection of Gender . High-level skills in communication, computation, technological literacy and information.

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0 nternational Handbook of Academic Research and Teaching ISSN 1940 18 84 200 9 Proceedings Published by: Intellectbase International Consortium Volume 6 1 Conference Proceedings Spring 200 9 PROGRAM COMMITTEE Dr David King Conference Chai r CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS & INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATES United States Australia Europe Mrs Cynthia Conricode Mrs Karina Dyer Mr Kevin Kofi Ms Cindy Newman Mr Graeme William Mr Benjamin Effa Mr Ben Murray Ms Michelle Joanne Ms Christina Maame Ms Loria Hampton Mrs Wendy Morrell Mr Kenneth Obeng ACADEMIC ASSOCIATES Dr Nitya Karmakar Australian Affilia te Dr Danka Radulovic European Affiliate Dr Peter Ross United States Affiliate wwwintellectbaseorg INTELLECTBASE INTERNATIONAL CONSORTIUM Academic Conference, Nashvil le , TN, May 27 29 , 200 9 Intellectual Perspectives & Multi Disciplinary Foundations 2 Published by Intellectbase International Consortium (IIC) Conference Committee: Intellectbase International Consortium, 1615 Seven th Ave nue North , Nashville, TN 37208, USA ISSN (Print) : 1940 18 76 Issued by the Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA ISSN (CD ROM): 1940 1884 Issued by the Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA ©200 9 This volume is copyright to the I ntellectbase International Co nsortium Academic Conference s Apart from use as permitted under the Copyright Act of 1976, no part may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission EXECUTIVE EDITORIAL BOARD (EEB) AND REVIEWERS TASK PANEL (RTP) Dr David White Dr Dennis Taylor Roosevelt University, USA RMIT University, Australia Dr Danka Radulovic Dr Harrison C Hartman University of Belgrade, Serbia University of Georgia, USA Dr Sloan T Letman, III Dr Sushil Misra American Intercontinental University, USA Concordia University, Canada Dr Jiri Strouhal Dr Avis Smith University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic New York City College of Technology, USA Dr Joel Jolayemi Dr Smaragda Papadopoulou Tennessee State University, USA University of Ioannin a, Greece Dr Xuefeng Wang Dr Burnette Hamil Taiyun Normal University, China Mississippi State University, USA Dr Jeanne Kuhler Dr Alejandro Flores Castro Auburn University, USA Universidad de Pacifico, Peru Dr Babalola J Ogunkola Dr Robert Robe rtson Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria Southern Utah University, USA Dr Debra Shiflett Dr Sonal Chawla American Intercontinental University, USA Panjab University, India Dr Cheaseth Seng Dr Jianjun Yin RMIT University, Australia Jackson State Univerrsity, USA Dr R Ivan Blanco Dr Shikha Vyas Doorgapersad Texas State University – San Marcos, USA North West University, South Africa Dr Tahir Husain Dr James D Williams Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada Kutztown University, USA Dr Jifu Wang Dr Tehmina Khan University of Houston Victoria, USA RMIT University, Australia Dr Janet Forney Dr Werner Heyns Piedmont College, USA Savell Bird & Axon, UK Dr Adnan Bahour Dr Mike Thomas Zagazig University, Egypt Humboldt State Unive rsity, USA Dr Mumbi Kariuki Dr Khalid Alrawi Nipissing University, Canada AlAin University of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates 3 EXECUTIVE EDITORIAL BOARD (EEB) AND REVIEWERS TASK PANEL (RTP) (Continued) Dr Mohsen Naser Tavakolian Dr Joselina Cheng San Francisco State University, USA University of Central Oklahoma, USA Dr Rafiuddin Ahmed Dr Natalie Housel James Cook University, Australia Tennessee State University, USA Dr Regina Schaefer Dr Nitya Karmakar University of La Vern e, USA University of Western Sydney, Australia Dr Ademola Olatoye Dr Anita King Olabisi Onabanjo

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