Somali Community Health Strategy

Somali Community Health Strategy

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Village Health Workers (iCCM). 68. 2 .. has broader curricula than the ICCM focusing on health promotion and prevention which is more aligned to Wafula Ayub. CCS. Medair. SCC. Health Information Liaison Office – WHO. International Medical Corps. Somali Rehabilitation Development Agency.

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2015 Approved by : Health Advisory Board 15 APRIL 2015 Somali Community Health Strategy Health Services at the doorstep of Somali Communities 1 @ 15 April 2015 ‘Somali Community Health Strategy’ Health Services at the doorstep of Somali Communities Produced by: Ministry of Health, Federal Government of Somalia Ministry of Health, Puntland; and Ministry of Health, Somaliland Approved by: Somali Health Advisory Board (HAB) Consultancy support : Mannion Daniels Supported by: World Health Organization, Somalia United Nations Children Fund, Somalia United Nations Children fund, Somalia Funded by: Joint Health and Nutrition Programme (JHNP) / Donors 2 Foreword We are very pleased to present the Somali Community Health Strategy which was developed in consultation with all partners and stakeholders This strategy provides clarity of vision and direction for the imple mentation of community based health services The focus is on standardisation and scaling up of community based health services currently provided by numerous cadres of community health workers and ensuring quality of services delivered at the doorstep of Somali population in rural areas In the health sector of developing world, community health worker is recognized as one of the cost effective intervention to address barriers in access to primary health care, improving continuum of integrated care, delivering results and bridging the gap between health care delivery system and the communities In addition, a well designed community health workers’ approach within primary health system is considered as an effective strategy for moving towards the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and achievin g the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) The Alma Ata Declaration (1978) identified community based health workers as one of the cornerstones for provision of comprehensive primary health care at the grass root level The movement which started from ‘b are foot doctors’ in China, witnessed a major development during the 1980s and 90s, when many developing countries trained large numbers of community health workers and those workers contributed significantly in improving health outcomes and are still prov iding care in the remote and disadvantaged parts of their country Some examples include Aanganwadi workers in India, Lady Health Workers in Pakistan, Behvars in Iran, Raeda in Egypt, Community Health Agents in Ethiopia, Kader in Indonesia, Barangay Health Workers in Philippines, Activists in Mozambique and Brigadista in Nicaragua, etc Somali ‘Marwo Caafimaad’ is an addition to the list In addition, CHWs based in the Somali Primary Health Units (PHUs) also forms an integral part of the community health st rategy The functioning of the overall health system is critical for

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