SOIL SCIENCE - Cal Poly Pomona

SOIL SCIENCE - Cal Poly Pomona

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Soil science students learn how to determine these characteristics in both the field and laboratory. agricultural science, anthropology, biology, geology,

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Soil Fertility Potential for Rice Production in West African Lowlands

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lowland soils in West Africa. These findings suggest that soil fertility characteristics show substan- tially less potential for rice production in West Africa than in tropical Asia. Discipline: Soils, fertilizers and plant nutrition. Additional key words: agro-ecological zones, flood plains, inlan

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d Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering R 70 (2010) 63–91

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Intelligent Design and Religious Science . 1. Controversy; but no conflict. As with many controversies, there are more differences of opinion than of substance.


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far from equilibrium. materials . C. defects in semiconductors, WEAVER self Allen property characterization Shim SCHWEIZERAVERBACK theory of macromolecular,

Assimilating Hawai'i: Racial Science in a Colonial “Laboratory,”

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34Natalia Molina, Fit to Be Citizens?: Public Health and Race in Los Angeles, .. and the operation of society, did not just happen far, far away, in the most isolated archipelago on earth. The process by which Hawai'i became racially and culturally eligible for statehood in the eyes of white Ameri

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The response to discovering this combination of vocations is . to observe the four largest moons of Jupiter, now known as the “Galilean Moons of.


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RELATIVITY: SYNCHRESIS IN ART AND APPLIED SCIENCE. A Critical Engagement Paper. Submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research .. “remediation”. Bolter and Grusin discuss their view of this in their essay “Remediation”. (1996) as “we call the representation of one medium in 

(2012), Soil hydraulic properties in one-dimensional layered soil

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We also found that, under layered soil system, when the subsurface flows are Introduction [3] With the objective of exploring the utility of remote American Geophysical Union. flow in heterogeneous shallow subsurface useful to land- . [12] The modified-microGA was applied to the inverse.

legacy effect of copper on potential activity of soil bacteria following a century of exposure

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(FRGs), each consisting of bacterial taxa with similar tolerance response to copper. Furthermore, the use of FRGs revealed that specific taxa like the genus Nitrospira and several Acidobacteria groups could accurately predict the copper legacy burden in our system, suggesting a potential promising

Conflict & Controversy in Science

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Controversy as a Teaching Tool in the Biology Classroom Page 2 Taken by by students for whom evolution presents serious religious and ethical issues.