SML Warehouse Safety - Business & Legal Reports, Inc - Human

SML Warehouse Safety - Business & Legal Reports, Inc - Human

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Warehouse Safety Meeting Objectives To explain common potential warehouse hazards and the safety precautions and procedures that are important to warehouse safety.

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A C OURSE I N M IRACLES A C OURSE I N M IRACLES TEXT ❉ WORKBOOK ❉ MANUAL ❉ ?It is the Word of God, to be kept holy forever?? ?This time there will be no failure, no loss of truth, no misunderstanding and no misrepresentation I will direct its growth as it reaches from the paper on which it was written into the hearts for which it was intended.? (Special Message 12/31/75) As preface to this edition of A Course In Miracles, we acknowledge our realization of the truth of the words spoken to us through Helen Schucman as those of Jesus, ?the Way, the Truth and the Life.? To you and all our brothers, we offer this edition of his A Course In Miracles. The task of editing, deciding which material would be excluded from the original dictation and that to be included in the published version, was entrusted to William Thetford. The edit of the Text used herein is Bill?s, as he was directed by Jesus.The Workbook and Manual are as close to the un- edited generation of ?scribed? dictation from Jesus to Helen as is available to us at this time. Similarly, the CAPITALIZATION and hyphenation of some of the words, along with the use of parenthesis and punctuation, remain consistent with the style of the ?scribes? used in the source material. We recognize and honor the original intent of our Savior Jesus to be known as author with Helen as a ?just? scribe whose name is not to be associated with authorship, but with the willingness to hear his voice and take notes. ?Do not attempt to break God?s copyright, because His Authorship alone can copy right.? (UR Text, 12/11/65) May this be to you, as it is NOW for us, the opening of your mind and heart to the Love of God. It is with His love and our gratitude that we offer thanks to all who have played their part in making this edition of ACourse In Miracles available. And now our thanks to all. May you realize the Peace of

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