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metrology data allowed us to diagnose a 40 μrad misalignment in the incident angle of the first mirror, which had occurred during the experiment. Good agreement between the reconstructed wavefront obtained from the X- ray data and off-line metrology data obtained with visible light demonstrates.

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Reconstruction of an astigmatic hard Xray beam and alignment of KB mirrors from ptychographic coherent diffraction data Cameron M Kewish, 1,5,* Manuel GuizarSicairos, 2,6 Chian Liu,3 Jun Qian, 3 Bing Shi, 3 Christa Benson, 4 Ali M Khounsary, 4 Joan VilaComamala, 1 Oliver Bunk, 1 James R Fienup, 2 Albert T Macrander, 3 and Lahsen Assoufid 3 1 Paul Scherrer Institut, CH5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland 2 The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York 14627, USA 3 Xray Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439, USA 4 APS Engineering Support Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439, USA 5Current address: Synchrotron SOLEIL, Saint Aubin BP48, F91192 GifsurYvette, France 6Current address: Paul Scherrer Institut, CH5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland *[email protected] Abstract: We have used coherent Xray diffraction experiments to characterize both the 1D and 2D foci produced by nanofocusing KirkpatrickBaez (KB) mirrors, and we find agreement Algorithms related to ptychography were used to obtain a 3D reconstruction of a focused hard Xray beam waist, using data measured when the mirrors were not optimally aligned Considerable astigmatism was evident in the reconstructed complex wavefield Comparing the reconstructed wavefield for a single mirror with a geometrical projection of the wavefront errors expected from optical metrology data allowed us to diagnose a 40 μrad misalignment in the incident angle of the first mirror, which had occurred during the experiment Good agreement between the reconstructed wavefront obtained from the X ray data and offline metrology data obtained with visible light demonstrates the usefulness of the technique as a metrology and alignment tool for nanofocusing Xray optics ©2010 Optical Society of America OCIS codes: (1005070) Phase retrieval; (3400340) Xray optics; (1403295) Laser beam characterization; (3407470) Xray mirrors; (1103200) Inverse scattering References and links 1 H M Quiney , A G Peele , Z Cai , D Paterson, and K A Nugent , “Diffractive imaging of highly focused Xray fields ,” Nat Phys 2(2 ), 101– 104 (2006 ) 2 H Yumoto , H Mimura, S Matsuyama , S Handa , Y Sano , M Yabashi , Y Nishino , K Tamasaku , T Ishikawa , and K Yamauchi , “Atwavelength figure metrology of hard Xray focusing mirrors ,” Rev Sci Instrum 77(6), 063712 (2006 ) 3 P Thibault , M Dierolf , A Menzel , O Bunk , C David, and F Pfeiffer , “Highresolution scanning Xray diffraction microscopy ,” Science 321(5887), 379–382 ( 2008) 4 M GuizarSicairos, and J R Fienup , “Phase retrieval with transverse translation diversity: a nonlinear optimization approach ,” Opt Express 16(10), 7264– 7278 ( 2008) 5 P Thibault , M Dierolf , O Bunk , A Menzel, and F Pfeiffer , “Probe retrieval in ptychographic coherent diffractive imaging ,” Ultramicroscopy 109(4), 338– 343 ( 2009) 6 A M Maiden, and J M Rodenburg , “An improved ptychographical phase retrieval algorithm for diffractive imaging ,” Ultramicroscopy 109(10), 1256 –1262 (2009 ) 7 M GuizarSicairos, and J R Fienup , “Measurement of coherent Xray focused beams by phase retrieval with transverse translation diversity,” Opt Express 17(4), 2670 –2685 (2009 ) 8 C M Kewish , P

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