sixty-sixth street elementary school pedestrian routes for

sixty-sixth street elementary school pedestrian routes for

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sixty-sixth street elementary school pedestrian routes for free download

66T H S T E S BE TH UN E M S 75T H S T E S AS PIR ET A TE FR EM ONT H S CIT Y O F L O S A N G ELE S D EPA R TM EN T O F T R AN SP O RTA T IO N Reco m men de d C ro ss in g S to p S ig n Tra ffic S ig n al C ro ss in g G ua rd F la sh in g W arn in g L ig ht S ta ir s o r W alk w ay P edestr ia n B rid g e P edestr ia n T unn el P ark s A ug ust 2 0 12 0 50 0 25 0 Feet E ste m ap a m ue str a lo s c ru za d os re co m end ado s p ara lo spea to n es d e c ada c u adra e n la a re a d e s u e scu ela S ig uie n do la s fle ch as e n e l m apa , s e le cio ne la r u ta m as se gu ra d e s u c a sa a la E scu ela y m arq ue lo c o n u n la pis o tiz a d e c o lo r E sta e s la r u ta q ue s u h ijo (a ) d e be d e u sa rD ig ale a s u h ijo ( a ) q ue u se e sta ru ta y q ue c ru ce la s c alle s so la m en te e n lo s lu gare s in dic ado s U ste d y s u h ijo ( a ) d eb eria n d e f a m ilia riz a rc e c o n e sta ru ta O be de zca n lo sro tu lo s d e p ea to n es, d e a lt o s, s e m afo ro s y to dos lo s s e ña le sde tr a fic o P un to s p ara c ru za r e sta n lo ca liz a dos e n a re asco ntro la da s, a unq ue s e a n e ce sa rio d e a la rg a r e l tie m popara c ru za r In stru ye a s u h ijo ( a ) q u e s ie m pre s e fije d elo s d os la do s a n te s d e c ru za r la c alle E l e stu dia nte d e bede s ie m pre c a m in ar e n la d ir e cc io n

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