Silencing the New Israel Fund

Silencing the New Israel Fund

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Back: Rabbi Tzadok Suchard, Henry Blumenthal and Chazzan. Avron Alter. Chief Rabbi Lau and. Chazzan making, but do so with wise fond- ness; preventing them from being one-liners. Each has a computer mechanism that gives it “life” - a tiny LCD mon- itor serves as inset, support or backing to 

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Friday, 12 February 2010 / 28 Shevat 5770 Volume 14 Number 5 wwwsajewishreportcoza BOOKS: CAN THERE BE TOO MUCH HAPPINESS? / 13 Subscribe FREE to Jewish Report’s weekly email editionGo to wwwsajewishreportcoza Harry Schwarz passes on / 4 SAKS: SA Jewry’s golden age? / 11 Chief Rabbi, Anglican Archbishop discuss SA’s moral state / 9 The Shoah’s resonance with Namibians / 3 YOUTH / 1819 SPORTS / 24 LETTERS / 1415 CROSSWORD & BRIDGE / 20 COMMUNITY BUZZ / 7 WHAT’S ON / 20 Silencing the New Israel Fund is Israel destroying its democracy? TOPOL IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN TEL AVIV / 8 JMS’ NEW SEASON KICKS OFF WITH 10 CONCERTS / 12 PAGE 10 ‘I TELL YOU CYRIL, IT’S THE TRUTH!’ Cyril Ramaphosa and Alan Solow, Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations Solow was in Johannesburg as part of a delegation of 70 including leaders from the United States and EuroAsian regions This group is the most high profile Jewish delegation ever to visit the African continent The group is still in the country and full coverage of their visit will follow in next week's issue (PHOTO: ILAN OSSENDRYVER) 2SA J EWISH REPORT 12 19 February 2010 Advertisements and editorial copy from outside sources do not neccessarily reflect the views of the editors and staff KASHRUT The following symbols will appear on advertisements and/or advertising fea tures to indicate whether or not they are kosher Where no Kashrut mark appears on an advert, the Jewish Report assumes no responsibility for the Kashrut status of that establishment or advertiser: NK NonKosher K Kosher Where no symbols appear, consult the Beth Din Kosher Guide or contact the advertiser Published by S A Jewish Report (Pty) Ltd, Suite 175, Postnet X10039, Randburg, 2125 Tel: 0118860162 Fax: 0118864202 Printed by Caxton Ltd EDITOR Geoff Sifrin [email protected] SubEditor Paul Maree Senior Reporter Rita Lewis [email protected] Sports Editor Jack Milner [email protected] Books Editor Gwen Podbrey Arts Editor Robyn Sassen [email protected] Youth Editor Alison Goldberg [email protected] Cape Town correspondent Moira Schneider: 0217944206 Pretoria correspondent Diane Wolfson: 0827079471 MANAGER: SALES AND DISTRIBUTION Britt Landsman: [email protected] Sales Executives (011) 8860162 Britt Landsman: 0822929520 Manuela Bernstein: 0829513838 Freelance Sales Executives Marlene Bilewitz & Assoc: 0834750288 Classified Sales [email protected] Design and layout Frankie Matthysen Nicole Matthysen Website wwwsajewishreportcoza Ilan Ossendryver ICCreations [email protected] Subscription enquiries Avusa Publishing (Pty) Ltd Tel: 0860132652 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Honourable Abe Abrahamson (Hon Life President), Stan Kaplan (Chairman) Issie Kirsh (Deputy Chairman), Marlene Bethlehem, Russell Gaddin, Norman Lowenthal, Bertie Lubner, Benjy Porter, Herby Rosenberg, Howard Sackstein, Jason Valkin Mr Justice Meyer Joffe (Chair, editorial comm) PARSHA OF THE WEEK S SH HA AB BB BA AT T T TI IM ME ES S PARSHAT MISHPATIM Rabbi Yossy Goldman Sydenham Highlands North Hebrew Congregation CYBERSPACE, outer space, inner space Genome maps, globalisa tion, going to Mars Smart cards, smart bombs, stem cells and cell phones There is no denying it We live in a new age Science fiction has become scientific fact And the question is asked: In this new world order, with science and technology changing the way we live, is religion still relevant? Do we still need to subscribe to an ancient and seemingly long obso lete code of laws when we are so further advanced than our ances tors? This question reminds me of lit tle old Hymie Levy of London who somehow found himself attending a cocktail party in the company of aristocracy Poor Hymie was completely out of place mingling with the lords and ladies of British royalty and high society One Duchess was so irritated by this ordinary Jew’s presence that she confronted him directly Oozing sarcasm, in her finest elo cution, she let on to Hymie: “Did you know that my family traces its lineage back to the very people who were personally present at the signing of the Magna Carta” Hymie Levy was unfazed He gave a little shrug of his shouldersPorsche still seem more attractive and desirable than our own The very same issues dealt with in the Bible sibling rivalry, jealous partners, and even murder are still the stuff of newspaper head lines today So

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