Should I Teach My Baby to Sign? What Research Says about Baby Sign

Should I Teach My Baby to Sign? What Research Says about Baby Sign

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sign language with babies who have normal hearing. They compared a group using sign language to a group that didn’t use sign language. Their research showed that by

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© 2008 Super Duper ® Publications • Super Duper ® Handy Handouts! ® Number 187 Should I Teach My Baby to Sign? What Research Says about Baby Sign Language by Susie S. Loraine, M.A., CCC-SLP Sign language is the use of specific hand motions, gestures, and facial expressions to communicate. In the United States, there are many different styles of signing, but American Sign Language (ASL) is the only si gn system that is a complete language with a grammatical struct ure different from English. Other sign systems in t he United States generally use signs in an English word order. People with hearing loss are not the only ones who use sign language. In fact, speech-language pathologists often use sign language with child ren who are unable to produce speech because of a disability, and some educators and parents use sign language with children who do not have disabilities. Most babies understand speech before they are able to coordinate their lips, tongues, and voices to produce it. But because they can cont rol their hand motions and gestures much earlier than they are able to speak they are capable of using sign language to communicate. For example, most nine-month-old babies cry or fuss to let their parents know they need something—such as when they are hungry. Howe ver, at nine months old most babies are physically able to sign “eat” (which involves bringing the finger tips to the mouth). The term baby sign refers to babies using simplified hand motions and/or gestures—most typically based on ASL—to communicate their needs and/or wants. Most babies are able to imitate signs as early as eight to nine months of age. However, because babies’ motor skills are not yet

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