Session 2 - Presentation 2 (Florence)

Session 2 - Presentation 2 (Florence)

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Drilling Automation Control Devices Draw-works Mud Pump Top Drive Driller MPD Mud Proc Sensors Offsite Monitoring & Support Coil Tubing??? Cement Each machine has its

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DSATS Workshop –Galveston, TX 13 April 2010 Drillin g Automation g Language and Ter minology Fred Florence NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO Drilling Automation Language and Terminology • Surface and downhole devicesSurface and downhole devices • Typical drilling operations • Proposed naming conventionProposed naming convention •Example • Breakout session • Breakout session Drilling Automation Control Devices Draw- works Mud Pump Top Drive Driller MPD Mud Proc Sensors Offsite Monitoring & Suppor t Coil Tubing Cement ??? Each machine has its own control Magic Box -Closed Loop Control - Envelope Protection 3rd Par ties Comms Method Geologist Envelope Protection -BHA Downlinking -What Else? 3rd Par ties - Command/Limits - No direct machine control Geologist Drilling Eng OFF SITE Distributed Sensors Steering Equip. Survey Meas. Formation Evaluation Drilling Mechanics Meas. At Bit Meas. Sensors SurfaceMachines Draw-works Mud Pump Top Drive Driller MPD Mud Proc Sensors Coil Tubing Cement ??? Each machine has its own control Drilling ahead, routine, vertical hole … •Drawworks brake; maybe an autodriller • To pDrive/Rotary • To p  Drive /Rotary •Mud Pumps •Mud processing equipment • SensorsSensors •??? Proposed Naming Convention •Use case•Drilling function •Physical entity • Controlentity •What physically occurs • Whatwecanchange • Control  entity •Configuration data • What  we can change •Manual measurements Use Case / Drilling Function • DrillingDrilling – Vertical well – Directional well, slide drillin gg – Directional well, rotary steerable – Casing drilling • Tripping, running casing, cementing, etc. • Hole Cleaning Physical Entity / What Physically  Occurs • RotationRotation • Hoisting • LoweringLowering •Flow • etc • etc . Control Entity / What We Can Change • RPMRPM • SPM • PressurePressure • Inclination • Azimuth • Azimuth •etc. Configuration Data / Manual Measurements • Drillstring componentsDrillstring components – Bit type, diameter, jets, etc. – BHA com p onents and locations p – Drillpipe diameters, tooljoint lengths, etc. • Rig equipment characteristics – Liner size, stroke length – Derrick height, drill line diameter, etc. • Many others … Example • Use Case Hole Cleaning • Physical Entity Flow RPM • Control Entity SPM Liner St k • Configuration Data Liner   Ø St ro ke  Length Don’t Get Lost in the Weeds • Mechanization, Semi -Automation, Mechanization, Semi Automation, Automation – Manual Brake, Power Brakes, ABS • Develop the methodology •Se p arate g rou p to full y define pgp y Breakout Session • The process is listed on the handout (Use Case) • Define what p h y sicall y affects the p rocess (Ph ysical Entit y) py y p (y y) • List the machine control requirement (Control Entity) • Identify fixed inputs affecting the process (Configuration Data) • Optional: List the data exchange requirement

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