Serum CD121a (Interleukin 1 Receptor, Type I): A Potential Novel Inflammatory Marker for ...

Serum CD121a (Interleukin 1 Receptor, Type I): A Potential Novel Inflammatory Marker for ...

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Serum CD121a (Interleukin 1 Receptor, Type I): A Potential Novel Inflammatory Marker for ... free download

RESEARCH ARTICLE Serum CD121a (Interleukin 1 Receptor, Type I): A Potential Novel Inflammatory Marker for Coronary Heart Disease Zhengxia Liu ☯, Mengyao Zhang ☯, Jin Wu, Ping Zhou, Ying Liu, Yucheng Wu, Yujiao Yang, Xiang Lu* Department of Geriatrics, the Second Affiliated Hospital, Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu 210029, China ☯These authors contributed equally to this work *[email protected] Abstract Inflammation is now believed to be responsible for coronary heart disease (CHD) This belief has stimulated the evaluation of various inflammatory markers for predicting CHD This study was designed to investigate the association between four inflammatory cytokines (CD121a, interleukin [IL]1β, IL8, and IL11) and CHD Here, we evaluated 443 patients with CHD and 160 CHDfree controls who underwent coronary angiography Cytokines were evaluated using flow cytometry, and statistical analyses were performed to investigate the association between cytokine levels and the risk of CHD Patients with CHD had significantly higher levels of CD121a The odds ratios for CHD according to increasing CD121a quartiles were 100, 147 [95% confidence interval (CI): 079–272], 267 (95% CI: 147–484), and 471 (95% CI: 265–837) in an age and sexadjusted model, compared to 100, 148 (95% CI: 070–314), 225 (95% CI: 110–462), and 439 (95% CI: 219–879) in a model that was adjusted for multiple covariates A comparison of the stable angina, unstable angina, and acute myocardial infarction (AMI) subgroups revealed that patients with AMI had the highest CD121a levels, although IL1βlevels were similar across all groups IL8 levels were also increased in AMI patients, and IL11 levels were higher in CHD patients than in nonCHD patients Correlation analysis revealed a positive association between CD121a, IL8, and the Gensini score Together, the significant increase in CD121a levels among CHD patients sug gests that it may be a novel inflammatory marker for predicting CHD Introduction Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading global cause of death and disability, and approxi mately half of these cases are directly attributed to coronary heart disease (CHD) [1] Effective predictive and diagnostic methods are important for reducing the global burden of CHD on public health and its associated costs [2] Currently, coronary angiography (CAG), coronary artery computed tomography, and intravascular ultrasound imaging are efficient but expensive PLOS ONE | DOI:101371/journalpone0131086 June 22, 20151/11 a11111 OPEN ACCESS Citation:Liu Z, Zhang M, Wu J, Zhou P, Liu Y, Wu Y, et al (2015) Serum CD121a (Interleukin 1 Receptor, Type I): A Potential Novel Inflammatory Marker for Coronary Heart Disease PLoS ONE 10(6): e0131086 doi:101371/journalpone0131086 Editor:Carmen InfanteDuarte, Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin, GERMANY Received:January 22, 2015 Accepted:May 28, 2015 Published:June 22, 2015 Copyright:© 2015 Liu et al This is an open access article distributed under the terms of theCreative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited Data Availability Statement:All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files Funding:This work is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation of China (No 81300999 for ZL, 81270428 and 81470501 for XL) The funder had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript Competing Interests:The authors have declared that no competing interests exist approaches for diagnosing CHD Therefore, a convenient and cheap method such as inflam matory biomarkers for predicting CHD is urgently needed As an important cause of CHD, inflammation is now widely believed to be a major mediator across the different stages of atherosclerosis, from initiation and advancement to plaque rup ture and thrombosis [3,4] Various inflammatory and biochemical markers have been impli cated in atherogenesis, such as Creactive protein (CRP), tumor necrosis factorα, interleukin (IL)6, IL7, and IL1β[5] However, the roles of most inflammatory biomarkers remain unclear, and the role of these cytokines in the prediction of CHD has not been established Clinical andin vivoevidence accumulated over the previous years has suggested a pro inflammatory role for IL1βin atherosclerosis[6] The type I IL1 receptor (IL1R1, CD121a) is the signaling binding receptors for IL1β[7] When IL1βbinds to CD121a, a signaling cascade is initiated that eventually leads to atherosclerosis [8,9] In animal

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