Section 2: Data Entry and Data Management

Section 2: Data Entry and Data Management

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Section 2: Data Entry and Data Management Overview Introduction This section covers all the tasks that need to be conducted to enter the STEPS

Section 2: Data Entry and Data Management free download

Section 2: Data Entry and Data Management Overview Introduction This section covers all the tasks that need to be conducted to enter the STEPS surveillance data as recorded on the S TEPS Instrument and check and correct data errors. Intended audience This section is designed for use by those fulfilling the following roles: • Data management team supervisor • Data management staff • STEPS site coordinator • Data analyst Tasks and timeframes The chart below shows the main tasks and timelines covered this section. Task Name Duration Enter data (1st and 2nd key entry) 8 wks Check and clean data 8 wks Merge data 1 da y Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 In this section This section covers the following topics: Topic See Page Supervising Data Entry 4-2- 2 Data Entry 4-2- 7 Checking and Correcting Inconsistent Data 4-2- 11 Backup and Filing 4-2- 14 Reporting 4-2- 15 Creating the Final Dataset 4-2- 16 Part 4: Conducting the Survey, Data Entry, Data An alysis, and Reporting and Disseminating Results 4-2-1 Section 2: Data Entry and Data Management WHO STEPS Surveillance Supervising Data Entry Introduction Members of the data management team may have different levels of skills, experience and varying strengths and abil ities. To ensure high standards in this environment, the appointment of one person to lead the team and supervise the work is necessary. Core tasks The core tasks of a data management team supervisor are listed in the table below. General roles are identified in Part 1, Section 2. Tasks Description 1 Train data management team staff in daily operations. 2 Receive and log Instruments from data collection team. 3 Assign data entry staff to com puters and Instrument components for data entry. 4 Create folders with coversheets to track and manage entry of Instrument data. 5 Distribute and manage

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