Removable Storage Media Guide

Removable Storage Media Guide

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DVD DVD All DVD media formats share common parameters for use in a wide range of personal and professional applications. DVD+/- R formats range of personal and

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Removable Storage Media Guide CD CD-R CD R (Compact Disc Recordable) is designed for storing Data and/or ACD-R (Compact Disc-Recordable) is designed for storing Data and/or Audio with recording speeds from 1X to 52X (de pendant on the hardware used). All CD-R media is backward com patible to 1X. CD-R Data discs are compatible with a wide range of CD-Recordable recorders and players. These compact discs are ideal for data storage, multi-media presentations, digital photo albums/images, archiving/back-up and distribution of impor tant fi les. mpor tant fi les. CD-R Audio discs are specifi cally designed for use/playback in audio recorders which bear the Audio csarespecificallydesignedforuse/playbackinaudiorecorderswhichbearth Compact Disc Recordable logo. These audio recorders search for copyright protection on the CD-R disc when inser ted in the drive. If a CD-R Audio disc is not detected, it will re ject the disc and not record to the disc. Once the recorded Audio or Data CD-R is fi nalized it can be played back in an y CD player. Verbatim’s generous selection of pack sizes and confi gurations in the CD-R lineu p has somethin g for everyone. All o f Verbatim CDs are founded in years o f research and improvements that have made Verbatim one o f the most recognized names in recordable and rewritable CD media. One o f Verbatim’s CD unique sur faces isDigital Vinyl CD-R™ . Combinin g a groov y vin yl look with the qualit y and performance o f Ver batim CD-R tec hno logy, Digita l Viny l CD-R discs are a great way to save LP collections, make a standout business presentation or simply burn your persona l music mix. De liverin g su perior rea d an d write per formance using Verbatim’s technology, each disc is protected by a special dual-layer coating, sa feguarding your data for years to come. Desi gned af ter the popular 45-r pm record format, Di gital Vin yl discs come in an assor tment o f 5 colors. Also available: Digital Vinyl CD- RTM Metal - Record your music mix in gold or platinum . CD-RW (Rewritable) Rewriteable means

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