Raising Awareness of Working Women in Mansoura University Towards Endometriosis

Raising Awareness of Working Women in Mansoura University Towards Endometriosis

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Aim: The study aim was to raise the awareness of Mansoura University working women about endometriosis. Setting: The study was conducted in different faculties of Mansoura University. Subjects: This .. Wellbeing educational training is the most key too much received wellbeing advancement.

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IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science (IOSR JNHS) eISSN: 2320 –1959p ISSN: 2320 –1940 Volume 5, Issue 5 Ver VI (Sep Oct 2016), PP 1 523 wwwiosrjournalsorg DOI: 109790/1959 05050 61523 wwwiosrjournalsorg 15 | Page Raising Awareness of Working Women in Mansoura University Towards Endometriosis: A Follow up Study Dr Samia M Abd El M outy 1, Prof Adel Al_Wehe dy 2, Dr Samia IHassan 3 Community Health Nursing 1, Faculty of Nursing, Public Health, faculty of Medicine 2, Woman Health Nursing and Midwifery, faculty of Nursing 3 Abstract Background: Endometriosis not effortlessly analyzed than some other gynecologic illness, it is assessed that 176 million ladies endured worldwide and 2 to 17% of female amid their concept ive age had the disease influencing their personal satisfaction and life Aim: The study aim was to raise the awareness of Mansoura University working wom en about endometriosis Study Design: A quasi experimental (before and after) design was exploit ed in this study Setting: The study was conducted in different faculties of Mansoura University Subjects: This study was conducted at the different Mansoura University faculties', from June to October 2015 The study subjects were included 160 working women in different faculties of Mansoura University It distributed as the following: 20 women from theoretical, 80 women from practical faculties, and 60 women from medical faculties A convenient sample technique was used Tools: Self administered questionn aire consists of two sections The initial section : includes questions related to socio demographic characteristics of working women such as age, education level, marital status and residence Second section : includes ten items related to the knowledge of working women about endometriosis Results: the age of study group was ranged between 23 to 55 years with average 3731±802 years and the majority of them were married (831%) There is a significant change in the knowledge level of the studied women abo ut all items of educational sessions regarding endometriosis at post education and follow up time compared to their knowledge before the educational sessions Conclusions: The majority of the study group had poor knowledge level about endometriosis definit ion, appearance, causes, risk factors, diagnostic appraisal , treatment, as well as preventive measures Constructing and implementing health educational attentiveness sessions about endometriosis indicated a major consequence in a notable rising of the par ticipants' level of knowledge about disease Key Words: Endometriosis, Gynecologic, Awareness, Knowledge I Introduction

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