Progetto CARG - Il Progetto di Cartografia geologica nazionale

Progetto CARG - Il Progetto di Cartografia geologica nazionale

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Oltre ai Fogli già stampati circa 1000 sezioni alla scala 1:25.000 e circa 1200 sezioni alla scala 1:10.000, che già possono essere utilizzate per la

Progetto CARG - Il Progetto di Cartografia geologica nazionale free download

Progetto CARG - Il Progetto di Cartografia geologica nazionale alla scala 1:50.000: stato di avanzamento (novembre 2008) Carg Project - The Italian cartography project for the new geological map of Italy at 1:50.000 scale: state of the art (november 2008) LETTIERI M. (*) (*) ISPRA - Servizio Geologico d’Italia/Servizio CARG, Geologia e Geomorfologia ABSTRACT – In the frame of the survey planned for soil defence, the realization of the national geological map at 1:50,000 scale represents a basic tool to lay down a correct programme of the actions to be performed on the territo- ry, addressed at environmental protection, hazard predic- tion and prevention from several natural risks. For this purpose, the rules and the financial frame arranged, since the end of the 80s, by means of many bills, provided altogether approximately 81,259,000 Euro outlaid for: production and informatization of 255 geological maps at 1:50,000 scale; 14 geothematical maps at 1:50,000 scale; 7 marine geology maps at 1:250,000 scale of the Adriatic coastal areas; 1 morphobathymetric map of the Tyrrhenian Sea; part of the Deep Crust Project - (CROP 11); management of the geological database, its integration, methodological and prescriptive testing. The realization of the geological map is managed and coordinated by the CARG Service - Geological and Geomorphological Mapping of the Geological Survey of Italy - Land Management Department of ISPRA. The CARG Project involves about 60 structures includ- ing territorial organizations (Regions and Autonomous Provinces), CNR, University Departments and Institutes. 1200 operators work at the project: project managers, scien- tific coordinators, surveying directors, field geologists, ana- lysts, specialists, cartographers and administrators. In order to attain a homogeneous and organised proj- ect, the Geological Survey of Italy, with the effective collab- oration of CNR and Universities experts, published the guides to the survey. CARG guide lines can be consulted at the ISPRA web site: . Of about the 255 geological maps financed 131 have been

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