Profit or Loss From Business SCHEDULE C 20 12

Profit or Loss From Business SCHEDULE C 20 12

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If no separate business name, leave blank. D Employer ID number (EIN), 31 Net profit or (loss). Subtract line 30 from line 29. • If a profit, enter on both .

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Schedule C (Form 1040) 2018 Page 2 Part III Cost of Goods Sold (see instructions) 33 Method(s) used to value closing inventory: a Cost b Lower of cost or market c Other (attach explanation) 34 Was there any change in determining quantities, costs, or valuations bet\ ween opening and closing inventory? If “Yes,” attach explanation .......................... Yes No 35 Inventory at beginning of year. If different from last year’s closing\ inventory, attach explanation ... 35 36 Purchases less cost of items withdrawn for personal use .............. 36 37 Cost of labor. Do not include any amounts paid to yourself .............. 37 38 Materials and supplies ........................ 38 39 Other costs ............................ 39 40 Add lines 35 through 39 ........................ 40 41 Inventory at end of year ........................ 41 42 Cost of goods sold. Subtract line 41 from line 40. Enter the result here and on line 4 ...... 42 Part IV Information on Your Vehicle. Complete this part only if you are claiming car or truck expenses on line 9 and are not required to file Form 4562 for this business. See the instru\ ctions for line 13 to find out if you must file Form 4562. 43 When did you place your vehicle in service for business purposes? (mont\ h, day, year) ▶ / / 44 Of the total number of miles you drove your vehicle during 2018, enter t\ he number of miles you used your vehicle for: a Business b Commuting (see instructions) c Other 45 Was your vehicle available for personal use during off-duty hours? ............... Yes No 46 Do you (or your spouse) have another vehicle available for personal us\ e? .............. Yes No 47a Do you have evidence to support your deduction? .................... Yes No b If “Yes,” is the evidence written? ......................... Yes

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