Privatisation of Security

Privatisation of Security

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OAF. Operation Allied Force. OPSEC. Operational Security. OSINT. Open Source Intelligence. OUP. Operation Unified Protector. PA. Public Affairs to, Intelligence Collection, Targeting, Psychological Warfare, Offensive and The emergence of new war-fighting concepts, and the evolution of existing.

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About the book: In today’s con? ict environment, transformed by information technology and of who can communicate and how, states, nonstate actors, ad hoc activist networks and individuals create effect(s) in and through social network media #TheWeaponizationOfSocialMedia develops a framework to understand how social network media shapes global politics and contemporary con? icts by examining their role as a plat form for conduction intelligence collection, targeting, cyberoperations, psychological warfare and command and control activities Through these, the weaponization of social media shows both the possibilities and the limitations of social network media in contemporary con? icts and makes a contribution to theorizing and studying contemporary con? icts About the author: Thomas Elkjer Nissen, MA, Msc, has from 2001 worked at the Royal Danish Defence College (RDDC) as a Military Analyst responsible for Strategic Communication (StratCom), CyberWarfare, Information Op erations (Info Ops) and Psychological Operations (PsyOps) In that ca pacity he conducts research, teaches and advises in the above ? elds of work He has acted as course director and developer of courses and seminars at the RDDC as well as acted as high level advisor both nationally and within NATO He has previously published a series of journal articles, book chapters and research papers on the topics Resent works include writings on “Strategy and Strategic Communica tion”, “Narrative Led Operations”, “Islamic State´s Media Warfare” and “The Weaponization of Social Media” #TheWeaponizationOfSocialMedia @Characteristics_of_ Contemporary_Con? icts Thomas Elkjer Nissen #TheWeaponizationOfSocialMedia Thomas Elkjer Nissen, Royal Danish Defence College #TheWeaponizationOfSocialMedia @Characteristics_of_ Contemporary_Conflicts By Thomas Elkjer Nissen Royal Danish Defence College 2015 Thomas Elkjer Nissen (ed) #TheWeaponizationOfSocialMedia @Characteristics_of_ Contemporary_Conflicts © Royal Danish Defence College All rights reserved Mechanical, photographic or other reproduction or photocopying from this book or parts thereof is only allowed according to agreements between The Danish Defence and CopyDan Any other use without written consent from the Royal Danish Defence College is illegal according to Danish law on intellectual property right Excepted are short extracts for reviews in newspapers or the like Copenhagen March 2015 Royal Danish Defence College Ryvangs Allé 1 DK2100 Copenhagen Denmark Tel: 3915 1515 Fax: 3929 6172 Editor in chief: Dean Ole Kværnø Printed in Denmark by Rosendahls A/S Front page photo: leopard2a HOK Layout: BentOle Kure ISBN: 9788771470987 3 LIST OF FIGURES \ 4 DEDICATION \ 5 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS \ 5 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS \ 6 1 INTRODUCTION \ 8 2 THE STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK 15 3 SOCIAL MEDIA, CROSSMEDIA AND NARRATIVES 35 4 EFFECTSBASED THINKING ON SOCIAL MEDIA 58 5 THE WEAPONIZATION OF SOCIAL MEDIA 74 6 PERSPECTIVES \ 104 7 CONCLUSION \ 122 BIBLIOGRAPHY \ 125 END NOTES \ 137 CONTENTS 4 Figure 21 The information environment 24 Figure 31 Characteristics of social network media 38 Figure 32 Typology of social network media 38 Figure 33 Approaches to crossmedia content coordination 43 Figure 34 Levels of narratives 47 Figure 41 Activities and Effects framework 61 Figure 42 Targeting effects \ 62 Figure 43 Types of analysis \ 64 Figure 44 Intelligence effects 65 Figure 45 Operational effects 67 Figure 46 Psychological warfare effects 70 Figure 47 Defence effects \ 70 Figure 48 Command and Control effects 72 LIST OF FIGURES 5 DEDICATION To my wife, Maria, for her tireless support throughout this effort ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The author would like to thank the staff of Royal Danish Defence College, several anonymous interviewees and contributors and especially Dr Steve Tatham and not least Dr William Mitchell (Royal Danish Defence College), for opinions, comments and input to earlier versions of this monograph 6 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS ACO Allied Command Operation AOI Area of Interest BDA Bomb Damage Assessment C2 Command and Control C3A Communication, Collaboration, Coordination and Action CI Counter Intelligence DARPA Defence Advanced Research

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