Printing an Invoice

Printing an Invoice

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Reader program installed. You can print this invoice by clicking on the printer. 2. 3. Title: Printing an Invoice Author: IT Department Created Date:

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Printing a n Invoice Log into the porta l using In tern et Ex plorer; pleas e use birken stockb2b in your web browser (without the www) Make sure the computer which is trying to op en the pdf file does have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program installe d It is a free do wnload , from http: //wwwadobecom/acr obat User ID: P/ W : Now you are at your hom e page Click on the Statem ent up at the top of the screen in gray Click ref # (anything in Blue you can drill into to get m ore infor mation) 1 When you click on Ref # this will pop up click OK Click on Op en The PDF Document Now You can print this invoice by clicking on the printer 2 3

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