Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Co-Located, Collaborative

Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Co-Located, Collaborative

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Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Co-Located, Collaborative Care: An Operations Manual Margaret Dundon, PhD1 National Program Manager for Health Behavior

Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Co-Located, Collaborative free download

Primary Care -Mental Health Integration Co -Located, Collaborative Care : An Operations Manual Margaret Dundon, PhD 1 National Program Manager for Health Behavior National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Katherine Dollar, PhD Acting Director of Clinical Operations Center for Integrated Healthcar e Mary Schohn, PhD 1 Acting Director, Mental Health Operations VA Central Office Larry J. Lantinga, PhD Associate Director Center for Integrated Healthcare 1. Formerly with the Center for Integrated Healthcare March 2011 PC -MHI Co -located Collaborative Care Operations Manual – June 2011 2 Acknowledgements and Disclaimers This manual is an update of the 2005 version, developed by Drs . Mary Schohn and Larry J. Lantinga , with significant input from Dr. Kirk Strosahl of Mountainview Consulting (a pioneer in integrated primary care implementation) and several key VISN 2 Integrated Primary Care clinicians and leaders . Th is newly updated version reflects changes in VHA policies and refinement of procedures, and includes input from collaborati ve leaders in the field . The authors particularly acknowledge the review and input of Drs. Laura O. Wray, and Greg ory P. Beehler . In the truest sense, this manual and its soon -to-be -released companion Ed ucational Manual represent an extraordinary degree of collaboration among all participants . It should be noted that the U.S . Department of Veterans Affairs did not plan or authorize this manual . The guidance contained is

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