Power Systems Fundamentals (PSEC 101)

Power Systems Fundamentals (PSEC 101)

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(PSEC 102). Training objectives: Course participants will receive instruction in the fundamentals of Electric Power System Analysis, beginning with the .. SCADA System Implementation and Maintenance. • Smart Grid Security. • Privacy of Information and Smart Grid. • Smart Grid Policy and Regul

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GE Energy Consulting Power Systems & Energy Course (PSEC) Q1: Power Systems Fundamentals (PSEC 101) Training objectives: This seminar will be valuable to participants in the power industry who need a fundamental understanding of the power system, and how system operation can impact power market activity Beginning with the basic terms and concepts, the instructor will lead participants through a discussion of the power generation technologies and power delivery systems Participants will learn about issues such as reliability, performance and potential bottleneck s or limits on the system that can impact trading They will gain an understanding of key power market fundamentals such as pricing and scheduling The course is intended for: Persons needing to increase their understanding of the power system, system operations and competitive power market behavior, including: • Financiers • Power traders • Power project developers • Independent Systems Operator personnel • Professionals in other energy industries • Electric utility personnel who are new or have new job responsibili ties Main features : Energy Outlook Overview • Power Fundamentals • Basic terminology and concepts • Types of current • Energy and power Generation Fundamentals • Basic e lements of a power system • What is a power plant? • Heat rate and efficiency • Gas turbines • Steam tu rbines • Generators • Hydro generation • Power plant subsystems • Power plant economics Power Delivery Fundamentals • Transmission fundamentals • HVDC transmission • Power delivery components • Delivery challenges • Reliability and performance • Regulatory drivers • The consume r Integrated System Operations • Ope ration of the transmission grid • Interconnection economics • Congestion management Power Market Fundamentals • Ene rgy and capacity • Ancillary services • Transmission • Regulatory overview Recommended prior knowledge: Basic knowledge of mechanical or electrical engineering, power systems & economic theory Note: The course is held in English *Class Subject to change Class times are 8 4 he ld at the Energy Learning Center in Schenectady, New York, USA For more information visit: wwwgeenergyconsultingcom GE Energy Consulting Power Systems & Energy Course (PSEC) Q1: Power System Analysis and Symmetrical Components (PSEC 102) Training objectives: Course participants will receive instruction in the funda mentals of Electric Power System Analysis, beginning with the development of Alternating Current power concepts & Ending with analysis of unbalanced faults on large electric power systems This course is the starting point for further work in electric power system engineering and operation The course is intended for: Engineers, system operators and technicians new to the industry who work for power generation, transmission, load serving (ie distribution) or industrial companies (or transitioning to techn ical activities within) and who are tasked with: • Evaluating performance of new and/or existing power system transmission, distribution or utilization configurations • System Operations of large to small electric power systems or power plants and auxiliary sy stems • Analyzing faulted power system

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