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Award applied for: POGO Valued Contribution Award POGO Companion Award Friends of POGO Award Each nomination package must include:


POGO RECOGNITION AWARDS – NOMINATION FORM Full Name of Nominee : Professional Title : Telephone Number: E-mail address: Childhood cancer organization(s)/institution(s) with which nominee’s work is affiliated: Length of time in which the overall contribution has been made: Nominated by: Professional Title : Telephone Number: E-mail address: Signature: Length of time you have known the nominee: Relationship to Nominee (e.g. patient, colleague, etc.): Award applied for: POGO Valued Contribution Award POGO Companion Award Friends of POGO Award Each nomination package must include:  Completed and signed nomination form  Two Letters of support (one to be provided by the nominator, PLUS one other), each clearly stating the award applied for AND specifically addressing the qualifications of the candidate, matched to the criteria of the award nominated for (please refer to award descriptions included in the “POGO Recognition Awards Program Information ” document provided )  Current curriculum vitae of nominee Deadline: Nomination packages must be received not later than 12:00 noon on Wednesday , September 11 , 20 13 Mail, fax or email nomination package to: Clara Jordan, Conference & Educational Events Coordinator Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario 480 University Avenue, Suite 1014 Toronto, Ontario M5G 1V2 Tel: 416 -592 -1232 x23 7 Fax: 416 -592 -1304 Email: cjordan @pogo. ca Any personal information collected will be used exclusively for administering the POGO Recognition Awards

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1. Life Time Excellence Award in the sphere of Earth System Sciences 01 Rs.5 Science Department of Government of India/State Governments, eminent

Holocaust Books that have Won Awards Books

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1999 (for books published in 1998) Marianthe’s Story One: Painted Words/Marianthe’s Story Two: Spoken Memories by The Never Ending Greenness. Neil Waldman.

Packaging Awards

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year's 3R Packaging Awards and commend them for their 3R efforts. addition to the world's most valuable brand, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Singapore . Right: New reel with. 1600m of laminate. Old packaging for MAGGI Chef's. Secret seasoning. New packaging for MAGGI. Chef's Secret seasoning.


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also trigger attention deficits as well as fears, phobias, and panic. gifted celebrity dyslexics like Churchill and actors like Tom Cruise and Cher.

History of the International Workshops on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition

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organizing a new workshop in handwriting recognition. On the bases of Institute on “Fundamentals in Handwriting Recognition”. Figure 1. Figure 2.

Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Proceeding

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Canada with respect to the recognition and assistance of foreign insolvency nitrate as a propellant (the “Airbags”), and which were manufactured and sold by TKJP, its subsidiaries, and its affiliate . insolvency proceeding, owes a duty to make reports and the like as appropriate on the status

Noisy Ocular Recognition Based on Three Convolutional Neural Networks

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CNNs, we can compensate the accuracy degradation of recognition caused by not detecting eyelids, eyelashes and SR regions. -. This study uses a method of generating one iris image and two periocular images from polar coordinates based on the input iris images. Three pairs of feature vectors are 

Description and Recognition of Curved Objects

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. 77. Description and Recognition of Curved. Objects. Ramakant Nevatia. Image Processing Institute, Unirersity of 

Research Proposal for Study: Can Artifical Emulation of Synesthesia Aid Visual Word Recognition?

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one sense along with involuntary activation of another sensory pathway. For those . significant improvements in the standard cognitive abilities of 

INBRE Directory of Active Awards

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Biomolecular Research Center. • Biophysics .. Truckee Meadows Community College. Back to top .. Novel formamide ligands, their antifungal activity and methods of their synthesis Laboratory For Macromolecular Crystallography Advancing Competitive Biomedical Research in Puerto Rico.