Planting a home vegetable garden - Iowa State University Extension

Planting a home vegetable garden - Iowa State University Extension

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1 Planting a garden involves more than putting seeds in the ground. Preparing the seedbed, selecting seeds, and deciding when to plant come first.

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1 Planting a garden involves more than putting seeds in the ground\f Preparing the seedbed, selecting seeds, and deciding \bhen to plant come first\f Will you so\b seeds— and then thin them—or \bill you try transplants? This decision, among others, is up to the individual gardener\f Preparing the seed\vbed Before planting any veg\uetables, prepare the soil\f This includes cultivating\u properly, adding organic matter, and maintaining so\uil fertility\f (See PM 820, Garden Soil Management, for more information\f) Early fall is the b\uest time to begin \uto prepare the soil\f Remove sticks, ston\ues, and other trash\u\f Also remove plant debris that \umay harbor insects \uand diseases\f Pest-free plant debris can\u be tilled into th\ue soil\f A level site can be\u tilled in the fall\u \bithout danger of soil erosion\f The freezing and tha\bing \uaction in \binter \bill break up the clods\f Fa\ull-tilled soils ne\ued only be leveled before planting in the \uspring\f To determine if the soil needs fertilizer in the comi\ung season, take a s\uoil sample in the fall\f \u(See ST 11, Soil Sample Information S\feet, for more information\f) Appl\uy and incorporate t\uhe recommended type and\u amount of fertilizer into the t\uop 6 to 8 inches of soi\ul in spring before planting\f In spring, do not s\upade or till the g\uarden \bhen the soil i\us \bet\f If \borked \bhen t\uoo moist, heavy soi\uls become hard, compacted, and \bill \ulimit gro\bth for the entire season\f If a handful of soil can\u be pressed into a ball, \udelay tilling or spading until it\u is drier\f Selecting seeds Buy seeds early in \uthe year so you \bil\ul be sure to find the varieties or cu\ultivars you \bant\f Se\ulect them based on intended use, ti\ume of maturity, disease resistance, PM 819 Revised \2 January 2\f13 size, shape, and col\uor\f For help in selec\uting the best cultivars, see PM 60\u7, Suggested Vegeta\ble Varieties for

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